Zhejiang Province: SARS Situation 26.1.2020

China’s NHS Staff Are Wonderful!

Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

Data Provided by Chen Gong (陈功))

A friend of mine is an academic who lives (and works) with his family in Zhejiang province. From what is being said by my friends in China, this outbreak of SARS is linked to a batch of ‘bad meat’ which was processed, sold and eaten in the Wuhan area. Of course, Western media is following its usual protocol and depicting this latest outbreak as a product of Chinese people being a ‘physically’ and ‘morally’ dirty (and inferior) race. In other words, the same old story of Eurocentric racism, discrimination and deliberate misrepresentation. Those in the West guilty of this misrepresentation conveniently forget that it was their ancestors whom killed millions of native peoples around the world, when they spread all kinds of terrible diseases during the times of European imperialism. The Communist Party of China is responding to this national emergency in an admirable fashion, as are the Chinese people. The internet is being used to keep in contact and spread important information. Whilst some healthy people have taken their families into the hills, the CPC is building entirely ‘new’ hospitals in just six days all over China to deal with the millions of people seeking treatment for SARS (and other injuries and diseases). This is Socialist medicine at its best!

Epidemic situation of new coronavirus infection in Zhejiang Province on January 26, 2020

The first confirmed cases were reported in Huzhou and Lishui. Among the newly confirmed cases, there were 15 cases in Hangzhou, 7 in Ningbo, 8 in Wenzhou, 1 in Huzhou, 4 in Jiaxing, 1 in Shaoxing, 1 in Jinhua, 1 in Luzhou, and 1 in Taizhou. And 3 cases in Lishui City; among the newly added severe cases, there were 1 in Ningbo City, 3 in Wenzhou City, 1 in Jiaxing City, and 2 in Shaoxing City. 

As of 24:00 on January 25, Zhejiang Province had reported 104 confirmed cases of pneumonitis with new coronavirus infection and 14 severe cases (a total of 16 cases, 2 of which have been mild). Of which:

Of the confirmed cases, 27 were in Hangzhou, 13 in Ningbo, 18 in Wenzhou, 1 in Huzhou, 8 in Jiaxing, 5 in Shaoxing, 2 in Zhoushan, 3 in Jinhua, and 3 in Luzhou. There were 21 cases in Taizhou and 3 cases in Lishui. Among the severe cases, there were 1 in Hangzhou, 1 in Ningbo, 4 in Wenzhou, 2 in Jiaxing, 2 in Shaoxing, and 4 in Taizhou.

At present, a total of 2403 close contacts have been tracked in the province, 143 medical observations have been lifted, and 2227 people are still receiving medical observations.

On January 25, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Che Jun and Governor Yuan Jiajun went deep into the medical field, inspected the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic related to the new coronavirus infection, and attended the provincial epidemic prevention and control leading group and its office at the Provincial Health and Health Commission. Daily consultations and scheduling meetings, listening to reports on epidemic prevention and control from other relevant departments in various places, fully affirmed the previous stage of work in our province, and made requirements for the next step.

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