US War Crimes in Vietnam!

American soldiers display captured enemy flag. January 19, 1967.

On March 16th, 1968, a company of US soldiers deliberately attacked a peaceful and unarmed Vietnamese village. In under an hour, the US soldiers had killed every man, woman and child in the village – amounting to over 400 to 500 innocent people killed. The US soldiers even murdered the local Buddhist monk as he tried to help the dead and the dying. This is how the Americans attempted to enforce ‘capitalism’ amongst a people that did not want it! What is little known today, is that after the My Lai Massacre, the US Government founded the Vietname War Crimes Working Group to investigate the behaviour of US military forces in Vietnam. It was discovered that the US military carried-out at least 28 other massacres which were similar in intensity, or greater in destruction and lives lost than the My Lai Massacre! This report did not include small-scale murders, rapes or other forms of what was called ‘local’ disruption amongst the Vietnamese population. Due to the shocking nature of this report – which suggested widespread and routine War Crimes perpetuated by the US military in Vietnam – the Report was soon re-Classified to remove it from the public eye. Prior to this happening, however, a number of academic journals quoted this Report and its findings, and this research is still accessible today. In reality, the US Government should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes for the deaths of over 3 million Vietnamese deaths


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