China: Estimated 40 Million Gay Population! (2015)

(Traslated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: This is an English translation of a main post found on a discussion thread in Mainland China discussing ‘Gayness in China’. China possesses the biggest and best developed internet in the world – outside of that prevalent in the West which is controlled by the capitalist US. As the US falsely presents their internet as ‘neutral’ whilst using Facebook, Twitter and Google, etc. to spread the ideoogy of predatory capitalism, it is ‘banned’ in China as being bias and programmed to bring-down the Socialist System. However, as ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’ (as well as ‘freedom of thought’) are fundamentals of the Socialist Constitution, people in China discuss all manner of interesting subjects – including the concept of ‘gayness’ and what it means for China. ACW (20.12.2019)

When it comes to homosexuality, many people are averse to it, because people think that it is immoral to fall in love with someone of the same sex. Many also think that there are no gay people in China, or that they live a long distance away, but you know what? In fact, gay people live everywhere in China, and are near to us all the time. Gay people are just ordinary people – like you and me. That’s it. Why is there this attitude of indifference…?

According to statistics, the number of gay people in China has reached around 40 million! Why is the number of homosexuals so unknowingly large? How can this be the product of an outside influence? Although Gayness can be the product of bourgeois influence (as a part of capitalist decadence), this does not explain ‘why’ or ‘how’ gayness exists in China in the younger generations who have only ever known the superior Communist System. Of course, gayness is now known to also be a product of genetic disposition, and this is the ‘natural’ way that gayness is arising within China’s Socialist System.

This is probably a product of a recessive ‘gay’ gene which is generally not activated in the general population, Sometimes it is active at birth, whilst at other times it might become ‘triggered’ after failed or painful experiences in relationships with the opposite sex. As this gene can also be ‘triggered’ by way of experiencing childhood sexual abuse, many people hold strong anti-gay views, many of which are religiously justified. People are often unable to distinguish between genuine and wholeome gayness and dysfunctional gayness.

If homosexuality was discovered in ancient times, then the gay people would be executed. Religion, although it has no right to punish, will condemn gay people and treat them as an evil group. Many gay people develop an understanding of their own sexuality in a slow and careful manner, a process often hindered by the negative attitudes of those around.

So, is this mentality a sickness? In fact, homosexuality is not exactly morbid, and does not have to be dysfunctional. It is just a new or different sexual orientation. For gay people, it is as normal to love someon of the same gender as it is for heterosexuals falling in love for someone of the opposite sex. They just like the same sex. And now – due to the good guidnce of the CPC – people in China are becoming more open-minded and encouraging homosexuals, and hope that everyone will not discriminate against them. Do netizens have any opinions on this?

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