Stalin Inspires Lugansk Communists to ‘Resist’ Western-backed Neo-Nazism! (3.3.2018)

The ‘Communist’ Spirit of Resistance Lives-On in Lugansk!

Communist Party of Lugansk – Russian Language

Сейчас, Александр Харитонов – активный участник общественно-политического движения ЛНР, секретарь и член Президиума Центрального Комитета Компартии ЛНР.

It is exactly 4 years since Lugansk sent the former corrupt power of the Party of Regions into oblivion. On this day, Alexander Petrovich Kharitonov became the first People’s Governor. In April 2014, Alexander was arrested by the ‘Euro-Maidan’ fascists and their neo-Nazi police – and was detained in Kiev. Neither hunger nor torture could break him. They could not formulate the accusations against Kharitonov, and charge him with “separatism”. The question of creating the LPR was not yet ripe. The arrest of Valery Bolotov followed, and then on May 11, 2014, the people of the Lugansk region voted in a Referendum to secure the Independence and Freedom.

Now, Alexander Kharitonov is an active participant in the socio-political movement of the LPR, secretary and member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the LPR Communist Party.

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