When Deng Xiaoping Scared Thatcher! (1982)

Deng Xiaoping Shows Thatcher the Door!

Margaret Thatcher met with Deng Xiaoping in Beijing in 1982 – and he was quite forceful with her. He reminded her that she was not in the UK and that she could not bully Chinese people in China like she does in the UK! (Thatcher would return home and immediately withdraw automatic British Citizenship for all Hong Kong people). Ever since the end of the First Opium War (1839-1842), the British have been pursuing a policy of crushing China’s independence through the mass importation of opium into the country. Hong Kong was ceded to the British in 1842, and ironically used as a staging point for British forces in 1857 during the Second Opium War (1856-1860). Britain did not extend British (liberal) democracy to Hong Kong throughout its history, and even the British Labour Government refused to extend the 1948 NHS and Welfare State to the small island (which would have relieved the tremendous poverty and illness amongst the Chinese population). White colonial Staff and other British Europeans living there received free (British provided) medical treatment and welfare – which withheld from ALL ethnic Chinese (although those in favour with the White Authorities might occasionally benefit from the machinations of this exclusive European club). By and large the ethnic Chinese were kept in-line by a White police colonial force (recruited in Britain) which carried guns (unlike their British counterparts). British colonial police like those who served in Burma (such as the lying Trotskyite George Orwell) were renowned for their brutality. The ethnic Chinese population living on the island of Hong Kong, the Kowloon Peninsular and the New Territories were ruthlessly exploited by the White, British Authorities which outlawed unions and forbid ALL and ANY type of protest. Any pro-China protests were quickly snuffed-out by the British police arresting, imprisoning or departing the ethnic Chinese people involved. Ethnic Chinese people were often tortured by the British police – but no one wants to hear this side of British rule… Under the British, it was ‘illegal’ to own or fly the Mainland Chinese Red Flag. The British had also ‘banned’ the Communist Party on the island. As the British did not allow elections for most of Hong Kong’s history, nobody cared to much. British rule of Hong Kong was premised upon the principle of controlling the ethnic Chinese population through ‘limiting’ its political freedom. Conforming to Eurocentric cultural standards was the only option, as was converting to Christianity. The ethnic Chinese population was made to pay for absolutely everything, a situation that was dramatically ended in 1997 – when Hong Kong returned to Mainland Chinese Sovereign control. When Thatcher attempted a ‘sabre-rattling’ in Beijing (still high on her victory in the Falklands) – Deng Xiaoping cut her short and said that Hong Kong could be liberated by the PLA in under a day if he so chose to give the order (particularly if the British Authrities in Hong Kong allowed and encouraged any large-scale anti-China demonstrations – which would be viewed as ‘fabricated’ and against the interests of good social order). After this meeting with Deng Xiaoping, Thatcher was so stunned by his strength of character and lack of fear that she later fell down the steps on her way out…  This is what happens when White racists are stripped of all their power and are forced to meet their former victims on an equal political footing!

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