Was Pol Pot a CIA Agent?

I would like to thank my Facebook friend Luka Nićiforović (Лука Нићифоровић) for drawing my attention to the curious idea that Pol Pot may have been a CIA agent! Stranger things have happened in the past, such as the fascist dictator Mussolini being revealed as working for a time for Britain’s MI5! I am going to investigate this avenue of research further, as part of my general analysis of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979). Generally speaking, I am working from non-Western sources, and I have never come across this allegation before. Pol Pot was only a small cog in the big machine that was the Communist Party of Kampuchea and the Government of Kampuchea – within the latter of of which he was the President. For some reason, his name has become fixated in the minds of the West, with every evil (imagined or otherwise) heaped upon him. Despite this observation, the simple fact remains that Pol Pot did not hold all the power in his hands, and that there were many others responsible for the everyday Governance of Kampuchea. Finally, although an interesting idea I do not accept the obvious US propaganda that serves as the basis of this documentary, and until proven otherwise, I do not currently believe Pol Pot was a CIA agent. However, whilst studying the demonisation of the Khmer Rouge, this is a very good documentary to access this subject. ACW (7.6.2019)

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