Ethnic Chinese Experience Under the Khmer Rouge (2014)

Generic Skulls Used to Prove ‘Genocide’ in Any Anti-Khmer Rouge Narrative

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Author’s Note: This article is from the Hong Kong based China Reveiew News Network – and expresses viewpoints that have been published in the People’s Daily within Mainland China. Indeed, this article repeats these views but adds some interesting contextual comments. This emphasises the alleged suffering (and deaths) of ethnic Chinese living in Kampuchea – but completely omits any mention of the equally alleged suffering of the ethnic Vietnamese (termed ‘genocide’) in most Western narratives. The author makes the lucid point that as the Khmer Rogue regime was so short-lived, there is virtually no evidence to prove any of the accusations outside of the testimonies of dissident Cambodians interviewed by (bias) Western journalists!  It must also be stated that the Khmer Rouge was ideologically inspired by Communist China and that Pol Pot (just one of the many Khmer Rouge activists) visited Mao Zedong once in 1975, and Communist China twice in 1978! Is it logical to assume that the Khmer Rouge deliberately targetted the ethnic Chinese community in Kampuchea, whilst receiving financial and military aid from China between 1975-1979 – and that Communist China would say and do nothing about this? I am not arguing – and have never argued – that people did not die in Kampuchea, my point of contention is ‘how’ they died and ‘who’ did the killing? Interestingly, the author talks about the 100,000 strong Vietnamese Army invading Kampuchea and the ‘tragedy’ that episode unleashed. Whereas the US ‘invented’ the narrative of Socialist massacres (conflating Nazi Germany with the USSR), the deaths in Kampuchea – if allowed to go unquestioned – plays into the justifing of this US ‘lie’! It is capitalism that kills, kills and kills again around the world, but the masses are brainwashed to accept it as ‘normal’ and being beyond any question or blame! A recent academic study in the West has revealed that since 1945, the US military has killed upwards of 20 million people around the globe! ‘Who’ is ‘killing’ whom, indeed! We need love, peace and Socialism! ACW 7.6.2019)

Beijing, China, April 12 / Twenty-five years ago, the Democratic Kampuchea regime established by the Khmer Rouge (Communist Party of Kampuchea) was overthrown by the 100,000 strong Vietnamese Army which initiated its own tragedy. Since then, the material on the bloody history of this regime has gradually been made public, but mainly in the (unchecked) statements of Cambodian refugees, interviews by (bias) Western journalists, scholars’ investigations, and materials compiled by the Vietnamese Government attempting to justify the new Cambodian government that its invasion fostered.

However, the objective historical record of the Khmer Rouge is limited by many factors, mainly because of the privacy of the Khmer Rouge in formulating and implementing its policies. This was compounded by the country’s external closure at the time of Khmer Rouge administration and its longevity being too short-lived to establish a systematic archive. This has led to a lack of any objective and reliable material and resulted in difficulties regarding legitimate research into the true characteristics of the Kampuchean Revolution and the special nature of its unfolding – which many describe as being like a hurricane. After the ravages of warfare and time, there is no clear trace left except for the ruins. Out of this background of uncertainty has emerged Zhang Zhifeng’s (章志峰) article entitled “Ethnic Chinese in Cambodia: The Hell Experienced During the Time of the Khmer Rouge” which was published by People’s Daily yesterday, and which claims to reveal a short piece of this history:

During the three-year, eight-month, and 20-day ruling period, the Khmer Rouge’s policy of “large withdrawal, big pot of rice, and large production” led many people to starve to death, as well as die of exhaustion and illness (there is no indication of a deliberate extermination policy). The Khmer Rouge implementation of the “masses and the Party are one” led to the great cleansing, so that a large number of cadres were secretly arrested and executed (if ‘secret’ how is this known?). The ethnic Chinese were moved out of the cities and marched into the countryside alongside 1.6 million Phnom Penh people and had a hard time through this period.

Memory of eating

“It’s really bitter! On the way, I’m looking for something to eat – I can’t find it, I’m hungry and thirsty, but I want to live! We were gathered in the countryside, where men and women separated for collected work – where we were all fed from a big canteen – it’s better to let everyone eat at the canteen instead of countless individuals looking for food! We drink porridge water, and vegetable soup, which was often like a thin paste, the bowl had only a little bit of oil. Except for the Cadres, no one can eat enough. It is absolutely forbidden to light a fire privately, or find something to eat, because if people see It is possible to be prosecuted or beaten, and to be executed for stealing. So, everything must be done in secret to avoid the Authorities.”

“In the countryside, large groups of people crowded into huts to sleep.As there was no mosquito nets and given that fires were forbidden, many people contracted malaria. I also got infected. The Khmer locals taught me to peel off the bark of the bitter tree and the kapok tree and drink it. You can’t make a fire and boil water. You can only use cold water to soak. However, I slowly got better and returned to life.”

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