Khmer, Vietnamese and Laotian Solidarity!


A poster from the days prior to the death of Ho Chi Minh (in 1969), and the rise of Western interferece in the area. Following a successful CIA insurgency in the region, bourgeois notions of racism and ethnic strife infiltrated the masses and caused untld suffering! Of course, in true CIA-style, the subsequent violence (and deaths) was blamed upon a) Socialism, and b) the Khmer, the Vietnamese and the Laotians! Although the Khmer Rouge existed between 1968-1998 – it only held power between 1975-1979. Cambodia today is a failed capitalist State infected with immense poverty, starvation, illiteracy and disease! The minority rich live in heavily armed gated communities ad regularly ‘kill’ anyone poor who approaches. The capitalist world looks on indifferently and says nothing. Furthermore, Westerners haunt the poorest villages of Cambodia ‘buying’ children as young 4 or 5 to sexually exploit and physically abuse. This is the new capitalist utopia in a husk of a country whose ruling elite perpetuate the myth of ‘genocide’ to prevent another Socialist uprising!

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