Neo-Nazi Brenton Tarrant Represents Mainstream Eurocentric Racism


New Labour swept to power on a tide of popular support after nearly two-decades of Tory rule in the UK. Since 1979 – and the rise of the right of centre Margaret Thatcher – UK culture had been moved drastically toward the right, with a demonization of British Socialism and the Unionised Labour Movement. The National Health Service (a free at the point of use medical system premised upon the Soviet model of healthcare), was effectively abolished by Thatcher as she switched the legal emphasis of the NHS from ‘care’ to ‘cost’. Although the burden of the British taxpayer continuously increased under Thatcher, what the British population got back from the government was continuously reduced (with the revenue used by the UK Government to give the already rich a tax-cut, and to engage in foreign wars as an ally of the US). Any illusions that ‘New’ Labour was ‘Socialist’ was soon dashed upon the rocks as the British disabled community came under an immediate attack with their Disability Living Allowance (DLA), being arbitrarily ‘suspended’ whilst the New Labour Government investigated their backgrounds. In the meantime, Tony Blair – the New Labour Prime Minister – reneged on his pre-Election promise of Disability Civil Rights. If any doubts remained about New Labour’s lurch to the right, Tony Blair’s attitude and behaviour with regards to the death of the arch racist Enoch Powell in 1998 swept away the final layers of pretense. When asked ‘why’, as a ‘Labour’ Prime Minister he had attended the funeral of a man who had encouraged and inspired so much resistance to the peaceful and wholesome development of multiculturalism in the UK, Tony Blair replied that in his opinion Enoch Powell was a ‘great man’ and that ‘racism’ was just another ‘point of view’. Since 1979, this Tory and New Labour leadership of the British Government quite literally mainstreamed racism within UK culture. In many ways this ‘new’ racism and counter-Revolutionary regression within British culture mirrored the preferred US disinformation toward the Soviet Union, the Communist Bloc, Communist China, North Korea and Socialist Vietnam, etc. Although essentially anti-Socialist in nature, the distinctly ‘racist’ aspect to this expression is palpable. Black, Asian and other people deemed a ‘problem’, are interpreted as racially inferior, culturally backward (even if born in the UK), morally deficient, and disruptive to what is viewed as the ‘indigenous’ community of the UK – taking jobs, women and culture away from the ‘White’ population, etc. This is the mainstreaming of violent far-right thought formations which are expressed in hate-filled rhetoric, and equally violent behaviour (which varies in intensification).

My view is that of Marxist-Leninist analysis. The essence of all racism lies in to the division of labour and alienation within the capitalist system driven by the incessant need to generate profit through the maximum amount of exploitation of the toiling masses. The more a bourgeois society is unregulated by Socialist institutions (which redistribute wealth and justice throughout society), and the greater the operation of the free market economics of predatory capitalism, the greater the psychological and physical pressure is placed upon individuals being forced to fight with one another for economic survival. In this regard, racism emerges quite naturally from the machinations of the ruthless and brutal capitalist system. The way to stop this racism permanently is to initiate a transition of all capitalist societies into a position of Socialist Revolution. This is where the International Working-Class seizes the means of production and restructures society to represent this essential change. Selfish, greed-ridden and fear-based individualism is replaced with a compassionate and wise collectivism and inclusiveness. The greed of predatory capitalism is replaced by the altruism of Socialist interaction. A secular society is directed by scientific and technological advancement, whilst a peaceful religious practice is encouraged as a private choice supported by law.

The mass murderer – Brenton Tarrant (28) – is an Australian Citizen who travelled to Europe (possibly the UK), where he says he was encouraged by the mainstreaming of intolerance and racial prejudice in these societies, and how Islamophobia is so common that it appears as entertainment on the front-pages of tabloid newspapers and broadsheets alike. He was courted by the European far-right, and encouraged to hatch his plan to attack a mosque in the quiet and peace-loving nation of New Zealand. Much of the rhetoric and thought processes of the far-right emerge from Adolf Hitler’s rambling, racist and anti-Semitic book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’ – a far-right bible which teaches that ‘lying’ and ‘deception’ are legitimate political methods in the search for governmental national power. Furthermore, as a follower of the ‘Black Sun’ branch of neo-Nazism, Brenton Tarrant not only expressed what is now common forms of racialised rhetoric throughout European cultures, but is a supporter of Christianity and Zionist Israel. What many people have to understand is that the German anti-Marxist Movement of ‘National Socialism’ is inherently linked to religious thinking and the Judeo-Christian far-right. It is incorrect, as some Muslim commentators have suggested, that Brenton Tarrant’s actions are a product of a ‘godless’ or ‘materialist’ mindset – just as it is equally unfair to state that Islamofascist terrorism is premised upon a belief in god.  However, it is clear from Brenton Tarrant’s motivations, although distorted and wrong, were in-part motivated and justified by a belief in a ‘White’ god, and that this ‘spirituality’ is an important component of his fascistic thinking. Brenton Tarrant referred to US (rightwing) President Donald Trump as an inspiration for the White race.

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