Belgrade: China’s Embassy Destroyed by US Terrorist Attack! (8.5.1999)


Initial Government of China Statement (8.5.1999:

‘At midnight on May 7th (1999), US-led NATO Forces used three missiles to attack the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from different angles, causing serious damage to the embassy.  So far, two people have died, two have disappeared and more than 20 have been injured. The U.S.-led NATO’s indiscriminate bombing of Yugoslavia for more than 40 days has caused a large number of innocent civilian casualties. Now it is bombing the Chinese Embassy. NATO’s act is a gross violation of China’s sovereignty and convention on diplomatic relations (Vienna). The arbitrary trampling of the basic norms of international relations is rare in the history of diplomacy. The Chinese government and people express great indignation and severe condemnation of these barbaric atrocities and hereby make the strongest protest. The U.S.-led NATO must bear full responsibility for this, and the Chinese government reserves the right to take further measures.’


Anti-US & Anti-NATO Protests in China!

On May 7th (local time), and May 8th (Beijing time), the United States Airforce operating under the NATO umbrella (but without UN Authorisation) fired ‘5’ precision guided missiles into the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) situated in Belgrade – the former capital of Socialist Yugoslavia. Three Chinese Nationals were killed immediately (Shao Yunhuan, Xu Xinghu and his wife Zhu Ying) with around 20 others injured. China had opposed the US and NATO’s attacks upon Yugoslavia which began in 1992, with the objective of destroying Socialism and implementing US-style predatory capitalism in the country. To do this, the US and its NATO allies (including the UK), sort to re-ignite religious and ethnic tensions amongst the populations and encourage the rise of racial nationalism and violence. Ostensibly, the Chinese Embassy was deliberately bombed due to the Chinese resistance to the expansion of US neo-imperialism into Eastern Europe.

US Flag Burned in China!

The US Government issued an ‘apology’ and claimed the attack was a matter of poor map reading and out of date intelligence. Rather predictively, the anti-Socialist and bourgeois supporting charity of Amnesty International immediately accepted the US position as correct, whilst mildly criticising its data collection efficiency. AI said nothing about the ‘illegal’ nature of the proposed US bombing, or its destruction of its eventual target. This is not surprising as AI is renowned for turning a blind-eye to real crimes committed by capitalist regimes, whilst colluding in the spread of lies and disinformation about Socialist regimes.

PRCEmbassy-timg (14)
Damaged PRC Embassy – Belgrade (1999)

Martyrs of the PRC: Xinhua News Agency female journalist Shao Yunhuan [邵云环] (first from left), Guangming Daily reporter Xu Xinghu [许杏虎] and his wife Zhu Ying [朱颖] (middle and right)
The machinations of realpolitik suggest that this was a straightforward US reaction to Chinese Socialist agitation at a time of collapsing Communism across Eastern Europe. The fabrication of the so-called ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ in the West in 1989 (subsequently revealed as a fraud by 2011 Wikileaks revelations published in the British Daily Telegraph newspaper) was still fresh in the US imagination, but a number of Mainland Chinese language sites also talk of a very different reason for this attack. 

US F117A Stealth Bomber

On March 27th, 1999, an anti-aircraft unit of the Army of Yugoslavia ‘detected’ a US Stealth Bomber (F117) flying illegally over Yugoslavian airspace. The US military planners had mistakenly believed that this strategic bomber was immune to ALL Soviet detection technology – but they were wrong. Although it was true that the aeroplane itself deflected conventional radar – the Soviets stopped looking for the aeroplane itself and instead focused upon detecting pockets of apparently ’empty space’ travelling across the sky at high-speed! The US military were completely unaware of this simple development which rendered their entire fleet of stealth bombers redundant in a moment! The Socialist Yugoslavian Army fired a single Soviet-made S-125 Neva/Pechora Surface to air missile just in front of the oncoming F117 and shot it out of the sky. the pilot safely ejected and was extracted by a US Special Forces Unit. The wreckage of the aeroplane crashed in Yugoslavia, but its in-built self-destruct mechanism failed to deploy, allowing the technology to be recovered by the Socialist Yugoslavian Army. It is said that the wreckage was given to the PRC representatives ad for a time stored in the basement of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Chinese engineers and scientists quickly analysed and detailed the technology. However, sources suggest that the US Government ordered the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade as a means to destroy this wreckage of their lost F117!  (Note: I was personally told a few years ago that the missile in question was launched from the shoulder).

A Chinese Survivor of US Terrorism

Although the self-destruct mechanism failed to operate properly on the F117, its computerised circutry still sent-out a location beacon signal even after the wreckage was recovered and stored in the basement of the Chinese Embassy. The Chinese engineers present soon realised this was happening and switced it off – but it was too late. A US laser-guided missile (one of 5 fired) hit the building and penetrated the basement area – but failed to explode!

Unexploded US Laser-Guided Bomb 

I have found this matter discussed quite openly upon the Chinese-language forums of Mainland China – to the point where it is accepted as true. China used the US technology to develop their own aircraft and flying technology, although to be fair, China’s Socialist science certainly does not need a stealth technology that was rendered ineffectual by a Soviet missile!

Remembering NATO Atrocities in Belgrade

After the “May 8th Incident” (as It is now referred to in China), in order to commemorate the victims, the Communist Party of China condemned the barbaric acts of NATO. On June 1st of the same year, the CPC Huazhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China established a monument on the mountain in the village of Liucun Village, Nawu Town. The monument is 2.5 meters high. It is made of granite and has the four characters suggesting “The Spine of the Dragon Will Endure” (龙之脊梁). It was written by Shao Huaze (邵华泽), the President of the China Association of Journalists and the President of the People’s Daily, and recorded the sacrifice of the three martyrs on the back. Today’s Dragon’s Spine Monument aims to pray for peace and abandon the war; it shows that China is inviolable, and the Chinese nation will always stand in the forest of the nations of the world.

Chinese Language References:五八事件

English Language Reference:


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