China: Women Cadres and the People’s War on Drugs (2017)


Original Chinese Language Article: 攸县妇联组织全县妇女干部参观县禁毒教育基地

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

You County Women’s Federation of Female Cadres Visit Anti-Drug Base

On the 22nd of September 2017, Zhu JingJuang (朱晶娟) – the President of the You County (Hunan) All Women’s Federation (consisting of all the Women Cadres from the Federation and surrounding towns) – visited the Anti-Drug Base situated in the County Stadium Cultural Centre. Therein, this group experienced lectures, demonstrations and watched films, as well as viewed photographs and read various relevant texts. The subject matter covered what is meant by te term ‘illegal’ drugs, where they are grown or manufactured, how they are moved through or illegally imported and distributed in China, and how illicit drugs are used by foreign powers in an attempt to undermine the youth of China and corrupt the judgement of the elders, as a means to weaken Socialism and open China to unwanted bourgeois (foreign) influences. The Socialist Law in China is clear and exists to ‘protect’ the entire nation from any type of chemical or biological attack.


As women are pillars of the community and have a vast influence in modern China, Women Cadres carry-out excellent work in the People’s War on Drugs (which is an attack on the 1949 Revolution), and are a vital element in the effectiveness of the Communist Party of China (CPC). As Socialist Cadres engaged in building Communism in China, women must lead by example. The children must be protected and the men supported in this very different type of guerilla warfare. Do not partake in drugs and keep the mind and body clean and free of corrupting influences. As women hold-up half the sky, the Women Cadres must inspire ALL women in China to carry-out this vital work!


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