LONDON: ANTI-FASCIST – ANTI-RACIST MARCH (17.11.2018) – REPORT 2 (SWP & Polish Catholic Racism)


This text follows on from ‘Report 1‘ covering the Anti-Fascist – Anti-Racist March through London today. In 1938, Trotsky called upon his followers to support the forces of International Fascism and for Soviet Citizens to commit acts of terrorism against the Soviet State (to bring it down). The SWP is of this historical anti-Soviet tradition. The British (Trotskyite) Socialist Workers Party (SWP) member (left) and the self-identified Polish Catholic (right) – are two ‘White’ European men who had just made racist comments to my ethnically Chinese partner, and derogatory comments about my mixed ethnicity children. They were supported in their racism by a number of SWP members – all agreeing that Nazi Germany wasn’t that bad! No one pointed out that they were being ‘fascist’ on an anti-fascist march though London! Interestingly, despite a number of people seeing what was happening, no one came to our support. The SWP has been rocked in recent years by allegations of corruption, fraud and even ‘rape’! If any single group embodies fascism in the UK it is the SWP and its many splinter groups, all of which deceptively (using ‘entryism’) try to penetrate the genuine (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Movement with the intention of bringing it down and replacing it with bourgeois (capitalist-supporting) Trotskyism. Racism is not logical and does not follow the laws of reason. It is interesting how the concept of ‘anti-fascism’ has been watered-down and corrupted into something of a bourgeois fetish in the UK. Anti-Chinese racism is a powerful (and unquestioned) force in the UK, Europe and the US. Part of my academic work is the exposure of this aspect of Western psychology, but on a number of leftwing marches in the UK, we have been subjected to this fascist ideology expressed by other members of the British leftwing (who talk at my partner as if she is not a human-being worthy of proper attention). Our attitude is always one of Solidarity and Internationalism despite our negative experiences with the revisionists and their allies.


Over recent years, whilst marching as British Citizens carrying the Red Flag (which is legal in the UK) we have been approached by racist Eastern Europeans (from Estonia and the Ukraine) who have tried to intimidate and belittle us. Today, this Polish Catholic man was supported by racist members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) – all of whom stared aggressively at us (and our children) for about 20 minutes before the march started! During their discussion (which was meant for us to hear), the man with the sign identified his background (as Polish Catholic) stating that fascism and Communism were the same (apparently unaware that the Soviet Union suffered between 27-40 million casualties fighting German Nazism – as an ally of the UK – during WWII). They all agreed that the Nazi Germans were not that bad and that the true fascists were the Communists! This shows the level of political and historical illiteracy out there, and the extent to which fascism has penetrated the anti-fascist movement in the UK. Polish Catholics supported the Nazi Germans during WWII! This idiot couldn’t even spell the word ‘Communism’, and appeared to act very similar to others who have harassed us in this fashion.


Due to the Tory cuts in police, there were no officers present to protect our rights, and as no one expressed any Solidarity with us, I decided to keep these fascists away from my family and walk up to them and be photographed holding the Red Flag (essentially liberating them of their stupidity)! As I stood just behind them (there was also an elderly British woman SWP member talking about the UK being over-run with Chinese migrants – who did not want to be photographed and quickly ran away when I approached). I noticed that despite their racist aggression, both were disconcerted by my presence. Interestingly, every time an Eastern European approaches us in this manner, they always have rucksacks on their backs and are wearing track suit tops. I expect nothing different from the Trotskyite SWP – but the EU is importing into our country far-right fascist and neo-Nazi elements that are infiltrating British leftwing establishments and working to destroy our Socialist and British leftwing institutions.


Myself and Gee will not give-in to this fascist intimidation, or let the indifference of the British left diminish our ‘Internationalist’ spirit. When we are isolated due to British (and European) racism we think of the great Paul Robeson and how he also had to oppose White racism virtually on his own! Our daughters will grow-up on the right side of history, be compassionate and wise, and pursue the true path of Scientific Socialism! Of course, the type of people we encountered featured above were really quite sinister, and a potential threat, but we are always alert and ready for action. We have decided that every time a racist Eastern European (and their allies) approaches from now on (attracted by our Red Flags) we will photograph and post. This seems to be a policy either by the British government or an EU department that deliberately targets leftwing marches – particularly the overtly ‘Communist’ elements. I say this due to the US, UK and EU support for neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe.

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