George Diitrov (1882-1949) Explains the Mythology of Fascist History

Comrades Joseph Stalin & George Dimitrov

What George Dimitrov (1882-1949) – the leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party – had to say in 1935 (as fascism spread through Italy, Germany, Japan and elements of Nationalist China), describes exactly what is happening throughout Eastern Europe today, with rightist pseudo-history in print and on film, denigrating the USSR and espousing neo-Nazi sentiment as the only historical reality. This demonstrates how the capitalist liberal democracies on the one hand encourage and support fascism, whilst on the other occasionally prune-back what they have created (through warfare). George Dimitrov could have been talking about contemporary Poland or ‘Maidan’ Ukraine!

‘The fascists are rummaging through the entire history of every nation so as to be able to pose as the heirs and continuators of all that was exalted and heroic in its past. While all that was degrading or offensive to the national sentiments of the people they make use of as weapons against the enemies of fascism. Hundreds of books are published in Germany with only one aim – to falsify the history of the German people and give it a fascist complexion. The new-baked National Socialist historians try to depict the history of Germany as if for the past two thousand years, by virtue of some historical law, a certain line of development had run through it like a red thread, leading to the appearance on the historical scene of a national “saviour”, a “Messiah” of the German people, a certain “Corporal” of Austrian extraction. In these books the greatest figures of the German people of the past are represented as having been fascists, while the great peasant movements are set down as the direct precursors of the fascist movement.’

George Dimitrov – The Ideologica Struggle Against Fascism (1935)- 7th Congress of the Communist International (USSR)

George Dimitrov: Against Fascism and War, International Publishers – New York, (2002), Pages 76-77

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