Marshal Joseph Stalin Heads World Democracy (1945)

The following article is a scan of a hardback, 1946 first edition book entitled ‘The Soviet Impact in the Western World’, written by British academic Professor Edward Hallett Carr. This book is composed of just 113 pages, and is chapters entitled 1) The Political Impact, 2) The Economic Impact, 3) The Social Impact, 4) The Impact on International Relations, 5) The Ideological Impact, and 6) Some Historical Perspectives. Each of these chapters are the notes from six lectures delivered by EH Carr at Oxford University – probably late 1945, early 1946. The content of this book is refreshingly free of any anti-Soviet US Cold War propaganda and disinformation, and denotes a time in world history often lost to us today, when the Soviet Union, the Soviet People and Marshal Stalin were quite rightly held in high-esteem by Western society at large, and generally respected by the average person in the street, as being a true ally in the world-wide fight against the dark forces of international fascism. Not only this, but the diabolical schemes of Churchill and Truman had not yet fully come to fruition, and many in the capitalist world thought that there was much to be positively learned from the Soviet System.

book cover

book scan1

book scan2

book scan3

book scan4

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