Combatting Ecclesiastical Fascism


Pope faces indigenous Canadians’ anger over refusal to apologize for past abuse

I once read a book by a British academic which estimated that over the last 1,500 years of history in Europe, the Catholic and Protestant Churches had murdered a combined number of around 10 million men, women and children in various pogroms of religious persecution. Of course, Jews and pagans were prime targets, as were Catholics killing Protestants and Protestants killing Catholics, etc. If the carnage caused by the Crusades is added, the number of religious-led deaths dramatically rises (there were many Christian massacres of Islamic people in the Holy Land). In the last 500 years of European history, the Christian religion has been at the fore-front of Western imperialism, assisting the armies of Europe in pacifying indigenous populations by ridiculing their cultures and forcibly ‘converting’ their populations. Those too stubborn to succumb to this ecclesiastical bullying were often wiped-out, sterilised or enslaved, etc. Wherever Britain and other Europeans spread their imperialist cultures, the Catholic and Protestant Churches were supportive and pro-active in the oppression and murder. This is a brutal and politicised religion that contradicts the teachings of its founder, and spreads hate and subjugation in the place of peace and love. It seems incredible to consider that the Catholic Church actively assisted Nazi Germany in the committing of the ‘Holocaust’ during WWII (and is still allowed to function freely today), and that the Church of England in Britain actively engages in the Arms Industry! Added to this institutional ignorance is the plague of institutional child sexual abuse, whereby both churches possess priests who are ‘criminal’ in intent and practice. All reports suggest that the abuse of children by both churches is not limited to the sexual, but involves systematic psychological and physical abuse. The obvious question is ‘why?’ does modern society tolerate this obviously corrupt and deviant institution? Nether church truly represents the teachings of Jesus Christ, but have reversed or inverted those teachings from love to war, and comfort to pain. These churches are patriarchal constructs that exist to meet the deviant desires of men living in the material world. The appalling record of these constructs is exactly why theses churches should have no place in government or the classroom, and if they are to continue to exist, they must become self-financing, and re-embrace the genuine teachings of their assumed founder. In the meantime, those priests who have committed endless crimes should be tried and imprisoned, and both churches officially condemned by a suitable (secular) legal body for historical and contemporary crimes. The wealth that these churches have ‘stolen’ from the communities of the world should then be distributed as compensation to the victims of religious abuse. As to those Comrades who profess a religious belief – learn to understand what it is you are supporting and to distinguish between the teachings of the founder and the political dogma of the church elders – these are not the same things. Do not attempt to ‘defend’ what is ‘indefensible’ and always keep in-mind the teaching of Marxist-Leninism. Politicised religion is ‘political’ and not ‘religious’ – do not wilfully participate in your own psychological and physical enslavement.

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