Combatting Ecclesiastical Fascism

As to those Comrades who profess a religious belief – learn to understand what it is you are supporting and to distinguish between the teachings of the founder and the political dogma of the church elders – these are not the same things. Do not attempt to ‘defend’ what is ‘indefensible’ and always keep in-mind the teaching of Marxist-Leninism. Politicised religion is ‘political’ and not ‘religious’ – do not wilfully participate in your own psychological and physical enslavement.

Racist BJP Wins Indian General Election!

It is an astonishing situation to see the majority of Indian voters elect an openly racist and hate-filled party that espouses intolerance, separation, and discrimination as normal modes of political, cultural, and social interaction. Particularly when viewed in the light of the fact that India as a country suffered under decades of British imperialist rule that saw the most vicious application of racism and ignorance in the name of commerce and the gathering of profit. Parties like the BJP, are of course following the imaginations of a man-made theology attributed to a god, or set of gods, but which is in reality the creation of the minds of men. The BJP is a Hindu movement that draws its inherent racism from the perpetuation of the Brahmanic caste system – which was banned in theory at Independence, but which in reality is as strong today as it has ever been. Non-Hindus are seen as inferior species of life, and it is this attitude that the BJP brings to the governance of India.