Ian R Crane Explains Why the West is Attacking Russia

The following video clip is extracted from the film by Christianne van Wijk entitled ‘The Mind Matrix‘. As to the merit or truthfulness of the content, each viewer must decide for themselves, but what I am interested in is the explanation given by the British activist Ian R Crane – a once very rich man who used to work in the oil industry. He gave-up his large salary and easy life when in 1991, he discovered the bodies of young Iraqi Conscripts shot in the back of the head (by US Forces after surrender) and left in fox-holes near the burning oil fields. Although the media was fed the lie that the retreating Iraqi Army had set fire to the oil fields, Ian R Crane witnessed US Special Forces carrying-out this destructive act. After the well-being of him and his family was threatened by the US Military, Ian R Crane started living in a tent, protesting against the State and big business, and educating the public. In this clip he praises Vladimir Putin for keeping Russia out of the Rothschild banking empire, and the international banking system run by the US. Putin has built up a strong economy OUTSIDE of the international capitalist system, and so this cannot be tolerated by the US because it is a parallel form of capitalism with leftist leanings. Ian R Crane aptly explains that the Ukraine is a fabricated anti-Russia project designed to eventually destroy Russia’s independent economy and subjugate the Russian people to US and EU dictates.

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