On Why Putin’s Victory Might Be Good for Socialism (2018)


Modern Russia is a disastrous capitalist experiment, but it remains anti-Western because of the West’s anti-Slavic racism aimed at it. Although the West destroyed Soviet Socialism and murdered millions of former Soviet citizens in the post-1991 financial rape of Russia, nevertheless, Russia refused to import a Rothschild controlled ‘national bank’ (which would have drained all Russian money to the US, and internally took-over all Russian institutes and businesses). The US, through its puppet EU government, wants a war with Russia so as to finish the subjugation of the Russian people attempted by Hitler in the 1940’s. Western Ukraine has already fallen to Western-backed neo-Nazism, but the KGB trained and Communist raised President Putin has maintained a calm mind and has not overtly reacted to any of the outrageous Western threats or disinformation. He is popular in Russia because he has not resorted to war, and yet Russia has not obviously ‘lost’ this latest attack upon it. Furthermore, the Socialist Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (resisting the neo-Nazi onslaught from Eastern Ukraine) are being funded and armed by modern Russia and Communist China. If Putin had lost the election, and a pro-Westerner leader elected, this would have been disastrous for the Russian people and the Socialist resistance in Eastern Ukraine, the funding and arms would cease, and the invasion and colonisation of Donetsk and Lugansk would have ensued. Almost immediately Russia would become part of the EU, and a Rothschilds central bank opened in Moscow. If the Communist Party of Russia would ave won the election (in theory the best result for the Russian people and the international working class), I am sure the Trump Administration would have manipulated the UN and launched NATO forces into Russia vie the Ukraine. regardless of how bloody the outcome, and the millions of lives lost (excluding the possibility of nuclear strikes), Russia would have been devastated. Of course, there is always the possibility that China would militarily counterstrike, but I do not think China wants to invade or control large areas of Europe. It could be that all things considered, Putin’s victory is the best all round result, despite reservations and protests. It could also be that with Putin at the helm, Socialism will benefit in the long run. As to whether Putin is a closet ‘Communist’ only he knows.

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