Sutton School Bomb-Scare Hoax

However, just why this ‘false flag’ hoax has occurred is a matter for further debate, considering the state of the country under Tory ‘Austerity’, the dismantling of the Welfare State and the privatisation of the NHS, not to mention the Tories trying every trick in the book to start a ar with Russia! From what I have been told, the Sutton Schools emailing system was ‘hacked’ and the email inserted into the system and circulated. This has caused widespread panic and alarm. It seems that panic is being spread through British society to prepare the population for mobilisation. 

Sutton Council Talking Shit!

As each home-owner had a key, only those living in the two rows of houses either side of each lane could gain access (even walking a dog), but this has not reduced the amount of anti-dog walker sentiment throughout the Sutton streets. Home-owners often ‘harass’ dog walkers by insisting that ‘urine’ is cleaned-up! Of course, this is not a legal requirement, but this episode does demonstrate that the only ‘shit’ that needs clearing-up in the borough, is that emanating from Sutton Council itself, which has never represented the ordinary people.