How International Women’s Day (March 8th) Originated in China


The only political ideology that states that women are equal to men (and actually sets about proving it) is that of Scientific Socialism. The capitalist, bourgeois countries pay lip-service to this principle, but in reality have no intention of implementing it. In 1917, during the Russian October Revolution all discrimination against women was abolished, with the May Day celebrations tending to acknowledge equality between men and women. However, around 7 years prior to the October Revolution, the Socialist movement in the West (operating within capitalist societies), established March 8th as ‘International Women’s Day’. The early Revolutionary Government in Russia immediately recognised this date as celebrating ‘Solidarity with Working Women’, but it did not become an official holiday in the USSR until 1965. Chinese language texts state that in December 1949, the State Council of the Central People’s Government stipulated March 8th each year as ‘Women’s Day’.

原来,在中国被喊了这么久的三八妇女节就是国际劳动妇女节(International Women’s Day,简写IWD),全称“联合国妇女权益和国际和平日”,而在中国它被称“国际妇女节”、“三八节”和“三八妇女节”。1949年12月,中央人民政府政务院规定每年的3月8日为妇女节,至此,三八妇女节在中国得到完全的确立。


This was immediately recognised as a half-day holiday and continues as such to this day. In 1975, a left-leaning United Nations (UN) decreed that all Member States should also recognise this date, and initiate drives for the emancipation of women world-wide. The problem with this decree was that the UN did not recognise the ‘capitalist’ origin of ALL women’s inequality, and did not adhere to any form of Marxist critique of capitalist market forces. Therefore, the UN decree pays only lip-service to freeing women, with ‘International Women’s Day’ not even being a holiday in most capitalist countries.

Original Chinese Language Text:

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