The US Was ‘Fascist’ Before the Rise of Donald Trump


Although the North Americans fought on the side of the Soviet Union during WWII, and played a part in capturing, prosecuting and executing hundreds of fascist and Nazi War Criminals (including German, Japanese, Italians and other collaborators) after WWII, this activity did not prevent the United States granting US Citizenship (and immunity from prosecution) to numerous fascistic German and Japanese military and scientific personnel (who would have otherwise been held ‘legally’ responsible for their War Crimes). These ‘exempt’ fascists were all deemed important for the knowledge they had accrued before and during the WWII in the areas of mass extermination, torture, terrorism, and murder. From 1945 onwards, the US Government fully and overtly aligned itself with the fascist far-right, and used this alliance as a means to rhetorically attack the Soviet Union, and militarily threaten its borders. This development is not surprising, as despite its liberal and democratic veneer (invariably propagandised as ‘freedom’), the US is a racist country that favours the White Middle Class, and which trains its police forces to threaten and kill unarmed non-White people as a matter of routine (this is as well as its equally continuous murder of poor White people, or the persecution of White people who stand-up against all forms of police brutality).  Leading up to WWII, African-Americans were subjected to public lynchings, which involved crowds of out of control and rabid White people torturing and murdering Black people through hanging, with the bodies being further abused and mutilated after death (postcards were often taken of these hideous events, and posted around the country. Many scenes depicted White children jumping with joy as the Black victims suffered terrible pain and deprivation of life). During WWII, whilst German-Americans (and other allied White Americans) strutted around in Nazi German uniforms and administered Hitlerite ‘straight-armed salutes’, innocent and loyal Japanese-American families were ‘illegally’ detained and placed in US Concentration Camps – termed ‘Resettlement Camps’ for the official records (as a means of masking the true fascistic nature of this policy). In reality, the US possessed a social system that had far more in common with Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, than it had in the more ‘Socialistic’ countries of Western Europe and Scientific Socialism of the USSR. Of course, leading up  to the 1941 US entry into WWII, many prominent Americans advocated not supporting the UK in its fight against Nazi Germany, but instead suggested that America should make a ‘separate’ peace with Adolf Hitler. All these observations demonstrate that in reality, the US use of fascist War Criminals in its post-WWII anti-Soviet offensive was nothing ‘new’ or particularly ‘unusual’, as the social fascism employed internally within the United States was simply ‘modified’ and turned ‘outward’ and onto the international stage. The bankrupted and destroyed counties of Western Europe became the victims of US imperialist control, and through the anti-Socialist Truman Doctrine and anti-peace Marshall Plan, Europe’s naturally Socialistic position was destroyed in favour of a virulent US-derived, fascistic policy of warmongering and educational deficiency. This US influence eventually led to the formation of the anti-Socialist and inherently racist European Union (EU). The election of Donald Trump is not the aberration White American liberals would have you believe, but is in reality fully in keeping with all the observable social trends evident throughout US history. This is why Donald Trump is an affirmation of the US fascistic system, and is not a deviation from it.

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