Perceptual Development Cannot Be Forced


Who is pulling our strings? Most people remain unaware that they have been conditioned to follow somebody else’s view of reality, mistakenly thinking that they are being ‘free spirited’ and exercising ‘self-determination’. Any attempt to ‘expose’ this conditioning is invariable interpreted as an ‘oppressive’ or ‘draconian’ act, designed to limit ‘free expression’. What is interesting to observe, is how human-beings interpret the cognitive and physical limitations within which they exist, as being completely ‘free’ of any outside influence, when in reality this kind of existence is nothing but a conditioned ‘restriction’ operating within every direction. Those ‘trapped’ in this condition are prepared to ‘fight’ to retain their imprisonment – incorrectly viewing ‘limitation’ as being ‘limitless’ in nature. This demonstrates that ‘freedom’ from conditioning cannot be ‘forced’ upon an individual or group, but must be carefully planned and provided for through a subtle and tolerant ‘learning curve’. This is achieved through the agency of education, and requires a steady but precise exposure of past conditioning, so that a pristine state of mind can be rediscovered that facilitates multi-dimensional perception, and the ability to see different points of view, and select the most correct mode of behaviour in any given situation. If at any time an arbitrary use of ‘force’ is used, those being educated will simply contract around their past conditioning, and adhere its strictures to an ever more fanatical degree. This is why tolerance and wisdom go hand in hand, and do not contradict one another. On the other hand, there does exist a very real need to defend one’s ideas and values against fascism, terrorism and other forms of draconian social interaction and organisation. Although structure is undoubtedly required in one form or another, it must be a structure that simultaneously ‘progresses’ as it ‘frees’. Restricting expression so as to ensure a regressive state of mind, is of no use to the evolution of the individual or group.

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