Lenin: Steptoe and Son


A statue of ‘Lenin’ appears in the 1972 episode of the British comedy ‘Steptoe and Son’, entitled ‘Live Now – P.A.Y.E Later’. I also remember seeing a very large poster of Chairman Mao on the wall in one Steptoe and Son feature film. Things were very different for the British working class before Thatcher broke the Unions in the 1980’s. I remember growing-up in the 1970’s, and many people thought that there was going to be a ‘Socialist Revolution’ in the UK supported by Communist China and the USSR! There was greater working class cohesiveness that kept the ruling bourgeoisie in check – until Thatcher that is. Today, ordinary people hardly dare to express a leftwing viewpoint in fear of the rightwing British State, and the violence and death it is currently inflicting upon the poor, vulnerable and ordinary. At least in the 1970’s the British working class had the means to collectively protect itself – and call for help to the then existing Communist Bloc.

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