The Myth of ‘Sinister’ Soviet Bio-Technology


There are people in Russia today, who have no comprehension of what their immediate ancestors suffered during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union (1941-1945). At least 40 million men, women and children were either killed, permanently maimed or wounded. This figure includes both military and civilian casualties. Why was this number so high? Even if the lower number of 25-27 million is accepted, this casualty figure is astonishing! A recent academic survey of populations in the Soviet Union, suggests that the Soviet casualty figures for WWII should stand at around 34 million. One reason was that the Nazi German regime was engaged in a ‘total war’, which sought to eradicate the Slavic ethnicity, and clear the Russian populations in preparation for German resettlement in the conquered land. This was Hitler’s very clear objective. In so doing – he thought – he would rid the world of Communism, which he viewed as a ‘Jewish’ conspiracy.  One trend that the US Government adopted after WWII as a foundation element of its anti-Soviet Cold War ideology, was the Trotskyite idea that there was no difference between the Nazi German regime and the Soviet Union – both represented various shades of social fascism. However, part of this thinking re-imagined the highly aggressive Nazi German regime as being the ‘victim’ of Soviet depravity. Today, the far-right and mainstream media flirts with the idea that the Nazi Germans were really the allies of the West, and that by invading the USSR and initiating the holocaust in the Ukraine, Hitler was acting for the benefit of humanity. Concomitant with this distorted thinking is that we should now feel ‘sorry’ for the Nazi Germans, and turn all our anger toward the USSR.


Whilst researching a photograph I found on the Russian internet, I discovered at least ‘three’ myths about apparently unethical, immoral or depraved experiments upon humans and animals carried-out within the Soviet Union from the 1930’s onward. When trying to find further corroborating evidence, I could not find any (outside of one or two articles copying one another’s unreferenced and sourced assertions). This strongly suggests that these stories are untrue, and part of the Trotskyite distortion of Soviet history.  However, as part of my continuous campaign to reveal US Cold War fabrications about the USSR, I will briefly describe three of these myths.

(1) Titanium Limbs.

This story suggests that Red Army volunteers received titanium implants in their arms and legs in the early 1930’s, and that in 1945, US soldiers captured a ‘secret’ Nazi German research centre. No details are given as to ‘where’ this was, or the exact date. When exploring the facility, the US soldiers found the dead-bodies of numerous Soviet Red Army soldiers – all possessing arms and legs made out of metal. The German scientists explained that they had not done this, but that these soldiers had been the victims of ‘Soviet’ experimentation. The ‘modern’ Russian author conveying this story makes the point that the Nazi Germans were only acting in ‘self-defence’ when they invaded the USSR – as a means to ‘destroy’ this inhuman Soviet regime. Here, we see the ‘Nazi Germans are our friends’ motif. It is not mentioned in the story how these Soviet soldiers came to be in a Nazi German research facility (the bizarre impression seems to be that they ‘checked themselves in’ voluntarily), but what is included is that the US Government took all the research and relocated a ‘Professor Strasberg’ to live in America and continue his research. Professor Strasberg states that the Soviets experienced tremendous pain because of the implants, which was relieved by the Soviet scientists by inserting ‘gold’ pins into the pain-centres of the brain. Supposedly, around 300 Soviet soldiers took part in this experiment, with many not surviving (but obviously some not only survived, but found their way into Nazi detention). These ‘perfect’ soldier’s had limbs (and bones) made of military-grade metal. Finally, it is said that in modern Russia (in 1994) a single body was washed out of its military grave, and on a metal limb was written ‘Kharkov. 1934. ACH 760978-C’. This was allegedly discovered by Dr Konovalenko Sergey, but before the Russian Authorities could intervene, the body was ‘washed’ away into a nearby river. One would have thought that the recovery of a ‘metal limb’ – even in a river – would have been an easy task.

(2) Human-Monkey Hybrid

I have deconstructed this myth at length in my article Professor Ilya Ivanov (1870-1932) – Human-Monkey Hybridization. The point of this kind of disinformation is to create the false image that the Soviet System is animatistic, and that Soviet Communism (and Soviet Communists) are ‘sub-human’. This is surely a page taken straight out of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (the fascist bible now experiencing a resurgence under President Trump’s first term in office). Soviet Communists are presented as ‘sub-human’, and therefore ‘not worthy of life’ – yet another Hitlerite pronouncement. The finger-prints of US Cold War rhetoric can be seen all over stories such as these. Although Marx and Engels developed Scientific Socialism as an evolutionary progression in human development, the capitalist narrative is interpreted as out of date, and an inferior stage in human evolution. As a consequence, capitalists, taking exception to this interpretation of their greed-driven ideology, instead set-about generating the ahistorical myth that Soviet Communism was a ‘regression’ into some primordial swamp of totalitarian existence. What better way to express this, than have a half-man – half-monkey swinging through the trees and purportedly ‘sharing’ his nuts!

(3) Bio-Robot

This myth is often accompanied by photographs of experiments on dogs. A dog’s head is kept alive through a machine that pumps oxygenated blood into the head, de-oxygenated blood out of the head. These types of experiments were also carried-out in the West involving dogs and monkeys. I believe this kind of experimentation eventually led to the mastering of blood transfusion and organ transplants. However, in and of itself, and regardless of the rights of the animals involved, it is difficult to see how these experiments had anything to do with bio-robots.

Just what this photograph depicts is uncertain. It looks like a remote-controlled robot, possibly used in bomb disposal. However, conspiracy theorists would have us believe that a dog’s head was placed in the head of the robot, and controlled by electric signals sent to the dog’s brain. This contraption was intended to be used on the battlefield. Of course, the glaring question is ‘what’s the point?’ Or, ‘why not use a man’s head?’ More to the point, why not directly remote control this device without a dog’s head within it? Whatever the case, keeping a disembodied head temporarily alive for a short-time, does not correlate with connecting organic nerve-endings with inorganic circuitry. As matters stand, I think the Soviets used this device to defuse bombs at a distance through remote-controlled operation, or a man could have been ‘bolted’ in to perform some type of military action whilst ‘armoured’, so to speak. Soviet science was progressive and advanced, and sought to progress the entirety of humanity – there was nothing ‘sinister’ about any of it, other than its refusal to be defined by the constant search for profit (as found within ‘capitalist’ science). Soviet science was intended to relieve humanity of its suffering, and not add to it. As regards military technology, although NATO spread nuclear weapons all around the Soviet borders – it was the Soviet Union that was depicted as the aggressor by the US. As a consequence, all Soviet military technology was ‘defensive’ in nature. This can be seen from the fact that only the US has ever used nuclear weapons.

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