Kim Jong Un (and Partner) Inspect ‘Socialist Paradise’ Fruit Farm (6.6.2014)


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

North Korea’s ‘Labour News’ reported on June 5th, 2014, that the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea – Kim Jong Un and his wife Li Xueduo – inspected Datong Jianguo Mu Integrated Farm and the Datong River Fruit Processing Factory. Pu Fengzhu, Huang Bingxiao, Li Zaiyi and Cui Hui and other DPRK party and government leaders, also accompanied the inspection.

This was Kim Jong Un’s first came to Datong Jianguo Mu Integrated Farm. He remembered the experiences of Kim Jong Il, the former leader of North Korea, and stated: ‘I cannot help but think back to his visit with affection.’ Kim Jung Un looked out over the endless fruit trees and residential and welfare facilities at the foot of the tower, praising it as a beautiful place and a “paradise” of Socialism, as well as being an ideal village for the people. Kim Jong Un put forward the task of increasing fruit production. He emphasized the need to further strengthen the role of farm and fruit tree research departments in achieving scientific, modern and intensive fruit production.

Kim Jong Un then inspected the Datong River Fruit Processing Factory. He instructed that the processing factory should continuously improve the skill level of the factory workers, do a good job in equipment management and technical management, produce various processed fruits and ensure food safety.

Kim Jong Un expressed his expectation and trust that all employees of Datong Jianguo Mu Integrated Farm and Datong River Fruit Processing Factory will carry out the ideological line of the Workers’ Party of Korea and support the leadership of the party.

In addition, the Highland Fruit and Vegetable Farm in the foothills of Tieling in North Korea’s Gangwon Province, ushered in the first anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s field visit on June 3rd, and the Labour Party Newspaper of the Korean Workers’ Party reported that the farm has been expanded to ‘Socialism Paradise.’





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