NATO Terrorism in Europe: Operation Gladio (1945-1990)


Operation Gladio was a US-sponsored and NATO-controlled para-military (terrorist) project designed to keep standing armies of far-right guerilla fighters in place throughout the many countries of Western Europe. This NATO terrorist policy was used against local people (to keep them from embracing Socialism), and to fight any theoretical  invasion of Western Europe by the Soviet Union. These right-wing terrorist groups murdered hundreds of people between 1945 and 1990 – in an attempt to blame far-left groups. The problem was that nobody believed that far-left groups were carry-out these terrorist attacks (as Karl Marx and Lenin had rejected the use of terrorism). I suspect the ‘Madan’ neo-Nazi regime in the Western Ukraine is comprised of a remnant of one of these far-right cells nurtured to the position of full national governance by the US Government (under Barack Obama). Operation Gladio was exposed in 1990 as the Soviet Union was beginning to fall apart under the management of the traitor Gorbachev. The USSR never used terrorism in the West – but the mainstream media – colluding as it does with the Bourgeois State – presented every terrorist outrage committed by these rightwing thugs as originating in the USSR. Furthermore, the nature and design of these ‘false flag’ attacks appear identical to terrorist attacks that occur across the world today, an uncomfortable fact that has led many to speculate that national governments orchestrate terrorist attacks (blaming these terrorist outrages upon the enemy of the moment), as a means to inspire anger and hatred in the general population toward a particular (and usually ‘innocent’ third party).

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