Vaccinations and the Damaging of Healthy Immune Systems in Babies


Vaccination is a huge business that makes the private health companies (big pharma) billions, annually. I know at least two people who suffered damage from vaccines in the UK – and that’s just me. Many doctors state that diseases are fermented and spread through poor living conditions (i.e. ‘poverty’), and inadequate diets. The rich establishment does not want to acknowledge or tackle inequality and poverty within capitalist society, and so seeks a medical option that generates profit for them – and by-passes the need for political, economic and cultural reform. This is true whether the thinking behind vaccination is correct or not. I think it is wrong for a new born baby, for example, to be injected with vitamin k within seconds of being born – as a young child should not have ‘pain’ as his or her first experience in the world. I also think that babies should not be given multiple vaccinations in one go (as such an invasion of chemicals in the body damage a perfectly healthy immune system). Humanity needs a new scientific understanding in this area. The problem is the capitalist imperative to expand markets and generate ever more profit. In this sense, doctors do not care about their patients – but only about their profit margins. Healthcare should be ‘free’ at the point of use, and mediated by the government in the best interests of their citizens (who fund the system through taxation). Healthcare systems should serve the people and not be allowed to dominate and oppress, and be legally accountable for their behaviour.

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