China’s Advanced Socialist Science (2017)


A set of special stamps commemorating Mainland China’s breakthroughs in the sciences issued in Beijing recently (September), on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and entitled ‘Science and Technology Innovation’. Socialist Science strive to explore outer space and make life better for humanity on earth. This is different to Western (capitalist) science which only serves the interests of the rich and social elite. Pictured here is China’s Quantum Science Experimental Satellite, the 500m Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, the Bohai Granary Science and Technology Demonstration Project, ‘Explore one’ Scientific Expedition Ship, and the Spirit Power – Grand Lake Light Supercomputer. These breakthroughs are far ahead of any other achievements in the scientific world. This is practical science and not just equations on paper that may, or may not be ‘right’.





Original Chinese Language Article:

《科技创新》邮票首发 中国“天眼”量子卫星等入选

发布时间:2017-09-17 14:51 来源:中青在线 作者:邱晨辉

中青在线北京9月17日电(中国青年报•中青在线记者 邱晨辉) 记者从中国科学院获悉,《科技创新》纪念邮票今天在北京首发,该邮票一套五枚,图案内容分别为:被称作中国“天眼”的500米口径球面射电望远镜、“墨子号”量子科学实验卫星、“探索一号”科考船、渤海粮仓科技示范工程、“神威•太湖之光”超级计算机,全套邮票面值为6.60元。




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