Falun Gong Brainwashing & Murder (2001)



Every Falun Gong death is a tragedy. This is because the Falun Gong is a dangerous cult now run from the US by its founder – Li Hongzhi – whose movement of abuse and disempowerment is fully supported by the US Government. The US government uses the Falun Gong as a means to ‘destabilise’ Communist China, in an attempt to bring down that system, and replace it with predatory capitalism (and missionary-led Christianisation). Those who join the Falun Gong are victims of a criminal organisation that seeks worldly wealth and worldly political power. Those Westerners that join the Falun Gong are supporting a racist association that ‘mimics’ traditional Chinese spiritual culture, whilst massively diverting from traditional Chinese thinking. Those already ensnared by the Falun Gong are brain-washed into thinking that they are there by ‘choice’, at exactly the same moment that their personal income and personal property is being usurped in the name of Li Hongzhi (and the US government). Those who disobey, or express any form of independent thought, are forced through bullying to commit acts of suicide – many of which are actually ‘murders’ carried out by other Falun Gong activists. These murders are invariably made to ‘look’ like suicides.


Every Falun Gong death is a tragedy – and the Western world should join the PRC government in condemning the murderous Falun Gong cult, and banning its corrupt practises. On February 16th, 2001, a man set-fire to himself in Beijing by igniting gasoline. The local police initially identified the self-immolater as a 25-year-old Falun ‘male’ Gong practitioner named Tan Yihui (譚一輝), who was living Changde City, Hunan Province. Tan Yihui had carefully placed his personal effects five meters away from where his body was found. There was a Residence Booklet, a train ticket and an ID Card. Tan Yihui was of Han nationality, had a junior high school education, was unmarried, and born on August 5, 1975. He came originally from Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. Forensic assessment revealed that Tan Yimui died of suffocation, and that his burns were neither deep or extensive.

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