Only Communists Truly Oppose Racism!

Soviet poster – Смерть немецко-фашистским разбойникам! (1944 год) – Death to the German fascist robbers! (1944)!

Fascism, racism and White supremacy have their roots in capitalism. As long as capitalism functions unquestioned – racism will continue to exist from one generation to the next. Liberals pass laws designed to curb the more obvious and extreme manifestations of racism – but do nothing about the capitalism from which the roots of racism emerge. The capitalist division of labour is the basis of racism, because it is the basis of selfish competitiveness (designed to maximise profit). Competing as individuals and competing as groups is why racism exists. Trotskyites make a fuss about confronting the outer aspects of racism – but remain silent and impotent in the face of the rampant capitalism that generates capitalism. To be a ‘true’ anti-fascist and anti-racist is to be simultaneously an anti-capitalist. Your flag will be ‘Red’ and your country will be the ‘future’. All other anti-racist protests are just more bourgeois noise of little, or no consequence.

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