Why Putin Bothers the West! (29.7.2017)

Capitalist Russia is Led By a KGB-Trained Operative from the USSR!

Under President Putin – many Socialist structures in Russia have been re-built and are now functioning to relieve the suffering of the ordinary people. Of course, the capitalist West (led by the US) does not want this because it contradicts the brutality of free market economics. However, there is a certain strand of modern Russian viewpoint that supports Western capitalism and opposes the history of the USSR. These people are traitors, of course, but their voices are lifted-up in the West through various books and articles that voice Western capitalist greed as the norm for modern Russia. There is no reason to accept this distortion, simply because whatever anyone thinks of Vladimir Putin – he has been continuously re-elected via a democratic vote. The duplicitous West, whilst extolling liberal democracy and predatory capitalism, nevertheless has continuously ‘interfered’ in the internal functioning of other countries – whilst destroying regimes and murdering leaders simply because they preferred Socialism over the exploitation of Western capitalism. The other reason that ‘bothers’ the West is that the Communist Party of Russia remains incredibly popular throughout the country and holds around one-third of the elected seats in the State Duma – and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Russia might well ‘elect’ a Communist Government should Putin be over-thrown. The capitalist West seeks to denigrate Soviet history and play-down its historic victory of international fascism during WWII, and this bizarre strategy has led to the US, EU and UK openly supporting the neo-Nazi (and anti-Russian) regime operating out of Western Ukraine.

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