US Imperialism in Granada (1983)


Rightwing President Ronald Reagan ordered around 7,600 US troops (which unbelievably included a small number of Caribbean troops) to invade the former British colony of Granada on the 25th of October, 1983, under the dubious pretext of stopping the spread of Communism on the island. In reality, this was a blatant act of imperialist aggression perpetuated by a ‘White’ nation upon an oppressed ‘Black’ nation, supported by a small number of collaborating Black troops from other pro-US Caribbean countries. As this US military action was a direct attack upon Granadan ‘self-determination’, the United Nations General Assembly, on 2 November 1983, decided with a vote of 108 to 9, to condemn it as ‘a flagrant violation of international law’. Of course, as all capitalist countries support one another in their oppression of the poor peoples of the world, no legal, economic or military action was ever taken against the US government – which has continued to dominate Granada economically and politically ever since, ensuring its invasion day is celebrated as a ‘Thanks Giving’ holiday! The people of Granada were economically and military supported by Cuba (and certain aspects of the Communist Bloc), but its small military force (which fought bravely) was defeated by December 15th, 1983. US casualties were 19 killed with 116 wounded. Granadan casualties were 45 killed with 337 wounded (as well as 24 civilian deaths). After this over-throw of the Communist Granadan government, the US instigated a bourgeois, capitalist regime that now lords it over a terribly impoverished general population – a suffering Working Class which is falsely propagandised by the US as being ‘grateful’ for its enforced and pro-longed poverty!


Bernard Coard and Hudson Austin Blindfolded
Bernard Kord and Goodison Austin


Protest Against Grenada Invasion


Grenada’s Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, center, is flanked by Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro, right, and Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega in Havana, Cuba



US Soldier Guarding Prisoners

US Soldiers Guarding Prisoner

US Soldiers Seizing a Man

US Invasion of Grenada


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