Paul Scully MP (Sutton and Cheam) Justifies the Tories Getting into Bed with the Terrorist DUP!


As those who regularly (or even occasionally) read my blog, you will probably be aware of the rather ‘hit and miss’ performance of the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Sutton and Cheam (South London) – Mr Paul Scully – and how, in the past he has been not only implicated in a Parliamentary fraud investigation (due to his ‘eccentric’ use of ‘expenses’), but due to his refusal answer a number of my enquiries, he has also been accused of ‘Dereliction of Parliamentary Duty’ by myself. My most recent enquiry to my MP expressing my concern about the fact that Theresa May – the beleaguered Tory Prime Minister – was intending to enter a ‘coalition’ with the Northern Irish, Christian terrorist party known as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) just to save her job – was heading in much the direction. However, after numerous ‘re-sends’ of my email to various addresses all linked in one-way or another to Mr Paul Scully – and after directly contacting the British Parliament – the MP for Sutton and Cheam has finally seen fit to issue a reply. Below I present my letter of ‘concerned’ enquire – followed by Mr Paul Scully’s eventual response – issued immediately after Theresa May formally announced her ‘coalition’ with the Christian terrorist DUP – and the fact that the Prime Minister – Theresa May – is ‘gifting’ £1.5bn (of British tax-payers money) to the DUP as a bribe for keeping her in power. It is interesting to not that when asked what she was going to do to relieve the suffering caused by ‘Austerity’ for nurses ad the disabled – Theresa May stated that there was no ‘magi money-tree’ – but apparent there is – just as long as it is used to finance Christian terrorist groups!  Of course, Paul Scully MP despicably justifies this support for Northern Irish Christian terrorism as a ‘moral’ issue – when in fact his own Tory Prime Minister has made it a blatantly ‘political’ issue! In the meantime, whereas Northern Ireland (due to the threat of violence by the DUP and UDA) has remained ‘free of the benefit and NHS cuts inflicted elsewhere across the UK by the Tories, the Northern Irish DUP is assisting Theresa May to continue with her project of completely dismantling the British Welfare System and privatise the NHS. Hopefully, this Tory-orchestrated reply (and hundreds like it) will serve as the epitaph to this deficient and immoral Tory Administration:

My Original Letter to Paul Scully MP (Sent Friday, June 16, 2017 06:02):

Dear Mr Paul Scully (Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam)

Following the loss of the slim Tory majority (as a consequence of the General Election of June 8th, 2017), and the subsequent decision of Prime Minister Theresa May not to resign – but rather attempt to form a ‘Coalition’ government by aligning the Conservative Party with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland – I feel sure that you appreciate the anxiety that this move has caused the people Britain, and the shockwave of revulsion that it has sent throughout the nation.

I would be very grateful if – as my duty-bound MP – you could explain why the Conservative Party (which has often presented itself as the harbinger of the ‘War on Terror’), has now alarmingly changed its ideological position, and is attempting to forge an alliance with a political party in Northern Ireland that is known to openly support an extremist ‘Loyalist’ and ‘Protestant’ Christian position, one that advocates not only armed insurrection, but also the murder of Catholic people as a means to pursue political objectives ‘beyond’ the ballet box? In your explanation, you might like to further explain how the Conservative cause can benefit from the well-known DUP policies that oppose the ‘Rights of Women’, the science of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, and the principle of ‘Gay Rights’?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles


Paul Scully MP – Eventual Reply (Sent June 27, 2017 13:15)

Dear Adrian,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Thank you for your email about talks between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party. No-one is proposing a coalition such as existed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats between 2010 and 2015. Instead we have a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement. This means a loose agreement where the Conservatives can run a minority government with the DUP agreeing to support the Queen’s Speech, the Budget and legislation within the Queen’s Speech. In this system, the DUP have no ministerial positions nor any role in government.
We must govern in the national interest and that means giving as much certainty as possible to the electorate, businesses and those around the world with whom we will be dealing over the coming period. The DUP are a democratically elected party who have been in power in the Northern Ireland Assembly for some time. Although they have views on some issues that I do not share they are a different party from the one that Ian Paisley founded in the 1970s. The leader of the DUP and their Chief Whip in Parliament are both former members of the Ulster Unionist party, the moderate sister party of the Conservatives. For these reasons the Labour party found it appropriate to speak to the DUP after the 2010 election and ahead of the 2015 election in order to form their own deal to run a government should that possibility have arisen.
I certainly don’t share the reported views on same sex marriage or abortion, views that are unfortunately clearly shared by many of their voters in Northern Ireland. For the last two years, the Liberal Democrats were led by Tim Farron who said he ‘wishes he could argue abortion away’, telling a Salvation Army publication in 2007 that ‘abortion is wrong’. He also has a very mixed record on LGBT issues as checked by Channel 4. As much as I disagree with such views, I recognise that they are shared by many people of faith.
However these issues are both devolved issues and moral issues which are always subject to a free vote in our Parliament. I have had reassurance from the Prime Minister that there is absolutely no prospect of the rights of the LGBT community or women being curtailed or diluted but rather we will continue to see what more can and needs to be done in this area.
The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has spent time over the last few days in Northern Ireland assuring all parties that any agreement only relates to the parliamentary party of the DUP and will not affect the government’s neutral role in supporting the governing arrangements in North Ireland and protecting the Good Friday Agreement. The Prime Minister will be in Downing Street later today, speaking to politicians from all of the Northern Ireland parties. John Major relied on the votes of the Ulster Unionists during his time in No. 10 defending a small majority whilst laying the foundations for peace in Northern Ireland. Gordon Brown did not believe that peace was at risk whilst talking to the DUP in 2010 and maintaining a relationship with the SDLP as Labour’s sister party.
These are clearly challenging times and I do not dismiss these concerns out of hand but believe that they need not and will not affect an agreement that does not lock the two parties into a hard coalition such as existed after the 2010 elections, but brings the two together on votes that the two parties typically agree on anyway, leaving out those on which we would clearly disagree.
Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch.
Paul Scully MP
Sutton & Cheam

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