Westerner’s that Eat Dog Meat

Brenda & Robert Vale – New Zealand Campaigners for Dog Meat Eating

Animal Welfare charities in the West always support the strategies and political motivations of their respective (bourgeois) governments, and rarely if ever, criticise any policy, convention or reality of Animal Welfare that would invite an open criticism of that government (primarily due to the fact that it is these very governments that grant the ‘tax-exemption’ status these charities enjoy). Therefore, as ‘Communist’ China is viewed with suspicion and distrust by Western governments, inevitably Western Animal Welfare charities target this country for complaint, painting the Chinese people (and their culture) as being ‘evil’ and ‘inhuman’, with regards to animal care, animal welfare, and the breeding of dogs (and cats) for human consumption. This approach, of course, only works if the routine cruelty aimed at animals in the West is ignored, and the subject of China is treated with a ‘racist’ indifference with regard to the facts. The very same Western Animal Welfare charities that initiate one emotionally driven (and irrational) media campaign after another aimed at the demonisation of Chinese people and their culture, remain absolutely ‘silent’ about the 24 hour slaughter-factories that operate all over Europe and the Americas, and actively work to ‘hid’ the fact that they advocate and participate in the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs annually, as a means to control these populations. These animals, usually abandoned and unwanted pets, can starve to death, be hit by cars, be abused by uncaring humans, or when taken into the ‘temporary’ care centres provided by the charities, are eventually ‘euthanasised’ by the same charities after a certain time, using various methods of dispatch, such as lethal injection, electrocution and gassing, etc. It is another curious fact that the various Animal Welfare charities ‘never’ criticise one another’s policies in this regard, as dog protection is a popular cause in the West that attracts millions of pounds annually from a general public that relies on the very same Animal Welfare charities they fund, to provide them with information about the various causes they pursue.

Due to the one-sided nature of the anti-China propaganda issued by the Western Animal Welfare charities (and their celebrity supporters), many Westerners will be surprised to learn that:

  1. Eating dog meat has been – and remains – a worldwide phenomenon that has manifest in virtually all human cultures throughout history.
  2. China has its own Animal Welfare and Animal Rights institutions that work with the government to reform and educate the people.
  3. Many Chinese people are vegetarian for religious or health reasons (generally premised upon the Daoist and Buddhist proscriptions against eating meat – as such a consumption is viewed as being not only immoral, but also unhealthy.
  4. China has Animal Protection Laws that are far more extensive in scope and effectiveness than those existing in Western countries. (As Western Animal Welfare charities avoid calling for legislation that would disrupt or diminish the ‘capitalist’ exploitation of animals for the industrialised meat industry).
  5. Chinese Law distinguishes between cats and dogs that are ‘pets’ (which cannot be used in the meat industry), and cats and dogs that are breed for the meat industry (which can be eaten).
  6. Eating cats and dogs is not wide-spread in China, and is viewed very much as a minority habit left-over from the poverty stricken days of feudalism. The government of China has stated a number of times that the current affluence that China is experiencing, means that eating cat and dog meat is nolonger required.
  7. The Chinese police have on occasion, sided with Chinese Animal Rights activists that have ‘blocked’ lorries carry cats and dogs that have been ‘legally’ bred to be eaten – allowing rescued animals to be taken into the care of the Animal Rights protesters.
  8. Western Animal Welfare charities and groups are viewed in China as being politically and religiously motivated, pursuing a policy of encouraging ‘civil disobedience’ – an approach that no sane Chinese person supports.
  9. Whereas Christianity states that animals ‘have no souls’ and can be treated as an ‘inferior’ life-form (to be brutally treated, killed and then eaten), Chinese Buddhism and Daoism – both of which advocate the notion of ‘rebirth’ – reject this view, and instead ascribe a certain ‘dignity’ to all animals.
  10. A number of countries in the West possess populations that eat dog meat.

In 2009, New Zealanders Brenda and David Vale published their book entitled ‘Time to Eat Dog?’, arguing that dogs are easy to breed, easy to feed and look after, and highly nutritious to eat. The pair argue that as the world changes, and it becomes ever more obvious that the current rate of consumption of other animals cannot be sustained, it might be advisable for humanity to seek-out a new source of food – and their chosen sustainable source is dog meat. The claims of nutrition and protein content as explained in this book, were subsequently scrutinised and subjected to testing by the scientific community and found to be ‘correct’, but this book, as interesting as it is, should not distract from the fact that whilst bourgeois Animal Welfare charities pursue a racially motivated attack upon China, many Westerners partake in the habit of eating dog meat – often slaughtering the dogs in public before consumption – with this activity ignored by the very same charities that complain about China. In the US, Native American Indians have their right to eat dog meat legally protected, but it is a habit also followed by some ‘White’ Americans as well, The same is true with South American populations, where eating dog meat is well-known and not perceived as a problem. Eating dog meat is wide-spread throughout Mexico, as it is in Northern Canada. In Alaska, where the weather is cold, dog meat is eaten all the time, particularly if a sledge dog dies, etc. Perhaps the most surprising area where the eating of dog meat is found is in Switzerland, where its consumption is open and common. Why is it that the Western Animal Welfare charities especially target China where eating dog meat is definitely on the decline and only practised by a minority of people, but ignore exactly the same behaviour happening in the West? It might be further added that South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (all historical colonies of the US), pursue a rabid habit of consuming dog meat – but face virtually no criticism from Western Animal Welfare charities (although through an act of self-regulation, Taiwan has recently passed legislation discouraging the eating of cats and dogs).

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