Opposing BJP (Hindu) Fascism


BJP calls hartal in Kerala village to shut down beef stalls, CPI (M) holds parallel beef fest

Marx states (in Capital I) that prior to the rise of Industrialised (capitalist) farming, the British diet was mostly grains and fruit, with only the rich eating meat. Farmers massed produced meat simply because it generated more profit. There is a strong presence amongst Labour and Communist voters (in the UK) of those who voluntarily assume a meatless diet as a means to bring down industrialised farming (which is cruel and inefficient), and this ‘Communist’ endeavour should not be conflated with the pursuance of the fascist ideology (and extreme theological interpretation) of the rightwing Hindu BJP – which must be criticised and exposed wherever it arises. Although BJP members do not eat beef (and wrongly enforce this on others), the reality is that they still eat other forms of meat, and by and large support industrialised (capitalist) farming. However, it must also be said that the policy of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) also supports the capitalist meat industry, how is this ‘Revolutionary’? On the one-hand, the CPI (M) is fighting religious extremism and the notion of an ‘enforced’ diet, by providing the very beef that is disallowed by the BJP, on the other-hand, the industrialised farming and slaughtering of cows is encouraged. It is an interesting dialectical situation peculiar to Indian socio-economic conditions. The BJP should not be allowed to hijack the vegetarian agenda through its fascist agenda, and the CPI (M) should consider a blanket vegetarian (vegan) response to the situation, and pull the economic rug from under industrialised (capitalist) farming industry – which I am sure provides ample profit to the BJP government.

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