Paul Scully MP – Dereliction of Parliamentary Duty (2017) Do Note Vote Tory!

Despite their privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS), and the dismantling of the Benefit System, the Tories (minus their LibDem lapdogs) were barely re-elected to Government of the UK in 2015 with a slim majority in the House of Commons. This is when Paul Scully made his début as Member of Parliament for Sutton & Cheam. Sutton was formerly a part of the County of Surrey, but was co-opted as a Borough of Greater London on April 1st, 1965, forming part of what is now South London. As there was protests from many of the middle class residence against this move, the Local Council permitted the continued use of the ‘Surrey’ postal designation in addresses – although ‘London’ is now the legal location. It is a multicultural borough, and as of 2015, its population measured 200,100 – with 70% of the population choosing to identify themselves as ‘White British’. Although there are large pockets of working class poverty, by and large the Local Council (which invariably pursues a centre-right political direction), keeps these populations corralled in poorly managed Housing Estates in the area, many still consisting of 1960’s-style high rise flats. This population is poorly educated, and is not catered for in either Local Council policy, or through the policies of national political parties and their elected MPs for the area. Allowed to fester in these hot-beds of poverty, these Housing Estates attract far-right groups such as the English Defence League (EDL), Britain First (BF), United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the National Front (NF), to mention just a few. The groups blame all the poverty experienced on these Housing Estates not on the class-led policies of the Bourgeois political parties (that take from the poor and give to the already rich), but rather on hard-working migrants, or people who originally settled in the UK from the former colonies of the British empire. This abandonment of Sutton’s working class allows the false consciousness of racism and self-hate to percolate in poverty-stricken areas, and those deemed ‘foreign’ to fall victim to racial assault. The rightwing Conservative Party – which Paul Scully represents – does nothing positive for Sutton’s working class – but instead pursues the negative policies of take away its benefits, NHS treatment, union representation, educational prospects and their rubbish bins!

Not only did the Tories lose the 2016 EU vote (condemning the UK to an amateurish ‘race’ obsessed ‘Brexit’ campaign), but both the Tories and the LibDems – for their ‘Coalition’ Government from 2010-2015 – were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity following an investigation by the United Nations (UN) in 2016. This was primarily based upon the Coalition’s policy of ‘Austerity’ and the immediate stopping of benefits for people with disabilities – leading to between 10,000 and 80,000 deaths in a five year period (a policy of deprivation administered through the DWP by the odious Ian Duncan Smith). Of course, this Crime Against Humanity represents the tip of the Tory iceberg regarding the suffering its policies have caused the British working class across the country. In fact, there is no reason whatsoever why a member of the working class should vote ‘Tory’. Many working class people feel alienated from the voting system, and do not register to vote, with those that register either not voting, or voting for parties that do not represent working class values. This is exactly the case in Tory Sutton. If the working class in Sutton registered to vote (as is their right), they could vote out the Tory and LibDem scum, and return to Parliament a leftwing leaning MP. As matters stand, Paul Scully MP has ‘cherry-picked’ the enquires he has answered, sent to him by his constituents. To date, he has been derelict in his Parliamentary duty to myself, by deliberately ignoring two emails I sent him regarding a call to ‘halt’ a far-rightwing (and racist) march in Scotland, and another a letter from the homeless charity St Mungoes, asking for more help for the Britain’s homeless. A third incident involved myself sending him a letter from the Royal College of Midwives explaining how the NHS is collapsing under Tory cuts, and asking for these cuts to be stopped as a means to save lives. Paul Scully MP ignored this email until I contacted his office in Parliament stating that he was in ‘dereliction’ of Parliamentary duty to myself – one of his constituents. In a matter of minutes a miraculous reply was issued by Paul Scully MP stating that there was nothing wrong with the NHS (suggesting that I should not listen to leftwing propaganda). Do not vote for Paul Scully MP – do not vote for the Tories. Britain needs a government that represents all its citizens. As matters stand, Paul Scully – who does not perform his Parliamentary duty to his Sutton & Cheam constituents – instead has sent a letter to everyone in the Borough of Sutton on embossed Parliamentary headed paper, (at the tax-payers’ expense), offering platitudes about how to contact him, and of course, requesting that we ‘vote’ for him.


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