Civil Disobedience: Resist Sutton Council’s Bin Privatisation


Sutton Council is a corrupt capitalist entity that does not care about its citizens – or those people that pay Council Tax – and whom Sutton Council is supposed to ‘serve’. Yet again Sutton Council have ‘privatised’ the borough’s rubbish collection without consultation, and unilaterally forced through the ‘selling’ of the bin collection to a ruthless private company that just wants to make ‘profit’ out of the rubbish the citizens of Sutton throw away. Furthermore, this bullying company ‘demands’ that the citizens of Sutton ‘prepare’ all their rubbish for ‘free’ so that it can be more easy sold-on. In the late 1990’s, cutting the ordinary household waste collection to just once every two weeks led to a borough-wide rebellion – and it is hoped that such action will be taken yet again. Basically, every Sutton citizen simply needs to save all their rubbish for the two-weekly collection so that the pavements over-flow with rubbish, stink, and attract al kinds of scavenging animals. Such a desperate situation will lead to the threat of disease entirely because of the greedy actions of Sutton Council taken without the permission or consent of the people that live within the borough of Sutton. Do not collaborate with this evil and greed ridden policy – oppose it at every step with a campaign of concerted solidarity. This is a battle the people of Sutton can win because the lazy and greedy local politicians care more about votes than they do about the health and well-being of their constituents. Public health will suffer because of the decision of Sutton Council to privatise the bins – and it is the responsibility of Sutton Council alone. Resist this tyranny by not co-operating or assisting in this unfolding catastrophe.

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