Sutton: Privatising Bin Collections (2.4.2017)

Why should we – local Council Tax payers – separate our household rubbish into ‘recyclable’ categories that benefit the ruthless ‘private’ firms the Local Council has ‘contracted-out’ the service of refuge disposal? If these ruthless private firms want to make money out of our rubbish, they should collect and sort the rubbish themselves, but they do not do this, because they would have to ‘pay’ employees to do it, and this would remove or diminish any available profit.

Sutton Council Talking Shit!

As each home-owner had a key, only those living in the two rows of houses either side of each lane could gain access (even walking a dog), but this has not reduced the amount of anti-dog walker sentiment throughout the Sutton streets. Home-owners often ‘harass’ dog walkers by insisting that ‘urine’ is cleaned-up! Of course, this is not a legal requirement, but this episode does demonstrate that the only ‘shit’ that needs clearing-up in the borough, is that emanating from Sutton Council itself, which has never represented the ordinary people.

London Borough of Sutton Attacks Disabled Parking

On November the 1st, 2013, the Parking Services department of Sutton Council issued a letter to all Blue Badge Holders within the Borough, stating that residents of the exclusive Belmont area of the city have requested that Sutton Council revoke the right of disabled vehicle owners to park in permit parking bays in the area. Blue Badge Holders are informed that Ward Counsellors are in support of this measure and that Sutton Council will soon be amending the parking law. Disabled people living in the area in question have not been consulted, nor have disabled people living in the Borough in general. The local non-disabled residents of Belmont have expressed a dislike for the presence of those with disabilities legally parking in the area.