The North American Working Class


The concept and principle of a Class War is not an abstraction – it is not an idea about some theoretical future event, as its reality is already upon us. This is the ‘war’ the ruling classes continuously rage to perpetuate the capitalist system through which all their privilege flows. If the capitalist system is replaced with an evolutionary transition toward Socialism, this flow of privilege is necessarily ‘cut-off’, and this is something the ruling classes will fight to prevent with every means at their disposal. This being the case, Karl Marx wrote that the International Working Class has a right to ‘defend itself’ from this continuous ruling class assault. Working class self-defence is not ‘violent’ or ‘terroristic’ in the first instance (although armed conflict can occur if the Bourgeois State resorts to direct murder as a tactic) – it is purely ‘humanitarian’ – and in so being is ‘morally correct’. Much of this working class self-defensive action evolves around the daily grind of living within an oppressive bourgeois system, which contains a legal system that is designed to preserve and retain the asymmetric bias as defined by the greed of capitalistic thought and action. Of course, the bourgeois police and judiciary exist to support and defend the ruling classes – that is their wealth, property and privilege – whilst perpetuating the ‘myth’ that they exist to ‘serve’ the wants and needs of ordinary people. Any benefit a working class person may gain from the law enforcement industry is purely a coincidental ‘accident’ – as it means that in some other, not so obvious manner, the bourgeoisie is benefiting in a much more profitable fashion. Working class people, with no real access to the corridors of true political or legal bourgeois power, have no choice but to ‘self-educate’, and in so doing, assist one another whilst withdrawing (to various degrees) open collaboration with the capitalists. These Marxist-Leninist-Maoist observations, naturally perceive ‘Trotskyism’ as a bourgeois sham designed to infiltrate and ultimately prevent the International Working Class from achieving a ‘true consciousness’ by shrugging-off the historically conditioned ‘false consciousness’ associated with capitalism. A Trotskyite is a ‘class enemy’ masquerading as a working class ‘revolutionary’, and this is why the entire work of Leon Trotsky must be viewed as a detailed record of an ongoing ideological co-operation with the bourgeois system. Therefore, be wary of Trotskyite ‘anti-racist’ groups and movements that proclaim to ‘stand up to racism’, whilst supporting the very capitalist system that a priori generates the conditions that re-create racism from one generation to the next. Trotskyism ensures the ideological ‘survival’ of racism whilst on the surface appearing to offer a resistance to it. This means that by collaborating with the capitalist system, and supposedly ‘resisting’ racism, the Trotskyites are creating it as a psychological and physical reality – rather like a drug treatment that carries the risk of actually generating the illness it purportedly exists to eradicate. All of this is applicable to the International Working Class spread across the globe, regardless of skin-tone, phenotype, language culture or religion – as it is bound by a common shared history of oppression at the hands of International Capitalism. This means that a required criticism of the US ruling class (and the oppressive, racist system it upholds) is essential due to the influence that system has upon the world. However, this essential critique of the American bourgeoisie IS NOT a critique of the North American Working Class, despite the fact that it remains terribly ignorant of its own oppressive existence, and is conditioned to routinely co-operate with its oppressors. These are issue that all working class people suffer from (to varying degrees) around the world, that live within capitalist countries. The International Working Class must ‘self-critique’ as a means to gain knowledge and understanding of the oppressed nature of its own existence. and in so doing, reform its own behaviour toward a revolutionary vigour. This is class war at its most essential aspect, and all it takes is learning to read a book, listen to others, and critically assess all the information in a ‘non-inverted’ and progressive manner. If this is done properly, the North American Working Class will understand that it has more in common with the working class of Africa, China and North Korea, than it does with its own ‘ruling’ middle class, and should learn from these progressive elements. This automatically serves to breakup and dissolve the power of the racism that the bourgeois system perpetuates to keep the working class in a state of hateful disunity. This is not a denial of historical, cultural or linguistic differences, far from it, it is an acknowledgement of the reality of ‘class politics’, and a demonstration of how working class people can take control of their own psychology and physical destiny through self-analysis. Racism is a very powerful ‘false’ ideology that must be confronted and destroyed at all levels so that it becomes a thing of the past. This cannot happen whilst the capitalist system functions, because racism has its very origins in the bourgeois ‘division of labour’. Racism is a major means of political control in the US, and it is the main issue that must be confronted (within the context of capitalist oppression), by the North American Working Class. At the moment, the balance of power is with the Bourgeois State, but with the right amount effort in the right direction, this can change over-night.

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