Lenin: The Hypocrisy of the Russian Orthodox Church (1917-2017)


The mummified body of VI Lenin still lies in his mausoleum situated in Red Square. Once, this tomb also contained the mummified body of Joseph Stalin, but after the betrayal of Nikita Khrushchev in 1956, that body was removed for burial alongside the Kremlin wall. In fact, the duplicitous Khrushchev tried to bribe the renowned Soviet telepath Wolf Grigorevich Messing into ‘pretending’ that he had ‘communicated’ with the disembodied spirits of both Lenin and Stalin who apparently asked for their respective bodies to be taken out of the mausoleum and re-buried in the Kremlin grounds. Wolf Messing was apparently shocked by this dishonesty, and informed Khrushchev that as he was a loyal  atheistic Soviet citizen, he did not believe in an after-life and did not communicate with ‘spirits’. This incident demonstrates the degenerate nature of Khrushchev’s thinking whilst leading the Soviet Union, and the kind of ideological damage he was prepared to unleash in pursuit of his Trotskyite tendency. However, the attitude of re-burying Lenin’s body and dismantling his mausoleum was brought-up again recently in modern Russia, this time by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1917, VI Lenin declared that the working class had took-over power in the USSR, and that the church was to be stripped of all its political power in the country, and influence in the class-room. Following the re-emergence of the bourgeois (capitalist) control of Russia in 1991, the Russian Orthodox Church was immediately re-instated and started to re-assert its particular brand of religious bigotry. One of the main victims of this backward thinking has been Russia’s LGBTQ community, which has had to watch Russia’s new governments ‘swayed’ to adopt homophobic policies by an ascendant church. Recently, I read that the Russian Orthodox Church made a statement saying that the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia was a tragedy for humanity that should not be celebrated – and that Lenin’s body should be quietly re-buried because he was a despot and a tyrant! This is the Christian church yet again interfering in politics and getting away with it.This behaviour is exactly ‘why’ the church should be permanently ‘separated’ from the State, and due to its child-molesting habits, not let anywhere near children.

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