Buddha in the Grand Canyon – How Newspapers Print Nonsense


Of course, within reason, anything is possible, but there are limits to credibility, if only for the sake of reason and sanity. Having visiting ancient Egypt around 1995, I was enthralled with its ancient nature, its apparent logic, and its religious imagination. Its writing system (of hieroglyphs) was both outstanding and inspiring, and ancient Egyptian architecture (even thousands of years after its construction), was impressive even to the modern mind – breathtaking, even. Furthermore, I personally think that this demonstrates the hideous inverted nature of European-derived anti-African racism, and confirms that when Europeans were comparatively ‘primitive’ in their cultural development, the ancient (Black) Egyptians were highly civilised and technologically advanced. Could Egyptians have crossed the oceans and spread their culture? Of course, but as of yet no direct evidence has been found, even though I concede that ‘pyramid building’ of various types do appear to be found throughout the world. An obvious question is so what? Buildings shaped like pyramids could be independently produced by isolated human groupings without any contact with one another. When I asked a French friend of mine why this could be the case, he answered that as crystals of various kinds exist across the globe, and given that many crystals appear to take-on pyramid shapes, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that ancient humans saw a significance in this structure, and sought to replicate it in their environment, albeit on a grand scale. Another issue within the European conspiracy theory community, is that of the ‘projection’ of myth as fact upon the cultures of other countries. For example, a quick web-search will reveal a false story about pyramids in China being ‘denied’ and ‘protected’ by a despotic government. In fact, the Chinese government allows regular tourism into the areas concerned, and its archaeological experts have continuously stated that there are no pyramids in China -only very large Han Dynasty tombs built with flat-tops for ancestral-worship purposes. As the conspiracy theory industry is essentially a rightwing exercise in the supporting and mystification of capitalism, it does not allow concrete facts to get in the way of a good status quo-supporting story.


The conspiracy theorists ‘attack’ those who currently hold the reigns of power, and the education system these people support, but never attack capitalism – the only aspect of existence premised upon a fundamental lie. If conspiracy theorists really supported ‘free thinking’, they would routinely critique the socio-economic system that a) produces them, and b) sustains their efforts to reduce concrete reality to a religiously inspired mythology. The true nature of the conspiracy theorist is one of bourgeois inverted regression, and not revolutionary progression in any way. It is simply one bourgeois group trying to usurp the ruling bourgeois group – and replace the prevailing view of the world with another. In the US, as I speak, the rightwing nature of the conspiracy theorist has been made highly public with the election of the racist, rightwing Donald Trump to the Office of President. The psychological world this bigoted billionaire inhabits is one of ignorant counter-narrative, devoid of human decency. This should not be surprising, as America is the land ‘delusion’ packaged as ‘freedom of expression’ in its various guises. As can be seen from the alleged newspaper clipping from 1909, this is not a new phenomenon. Printed at a time when spiritualism and theosophy was sweeping across the Western world, this article claims that a team of professional Smithsonian archaeologists stumbled across a ‘hidden’ city built deep inside the caverns of the Grand Canyon. There is talk of ‘giant’ mummies, (giants are an important factor for Judeo-Christian theology), Egyptian-style hieroglyphs adorning the walls, and a giant Buddha statue that looked ‘Oriental’ (which for Americans usually means ‘Chinese’). Why would ancient Egyptians have a Buddha statue, when the Buddha lived a long time after the completion of the pyramids at Giza? Why would the Egyptians depict him as ‘Chinese’? Why would the Egyptians build within caves, and not in plain view where the majesty of their architecture could be put to best use? None of this makes any sense, and is a prime example of the mish-mash of Western and Eastern thought prevalent within theosophy, and I suspect this is the cognitive ‘root’ of this entertaining but nevertheless ‘ahistorical’ story. As usual, the conspiracy theorists equate ‘no evidence’ with a ‘profound absence’ that somehow ‘inverts’ into being ‘definitive proof’ that the story must be true. In the meantime, the Smithsonian Institute has issued many clear denials that no such academics worked for the museum, and that there is no evidence whatsoever that ancient Egyptians visited either North or South America.  Conspiracy theorists use this ‘lack of evidence’ to perpetuate the further myth that such evidence is being ‘suppressed’, hence its ‘lack’.  My advice to conspiracy theorists is this; instead of sitting on your sofas and moving ideas around in a pointless, non-productive manner only in your heads, why don’t you go out into the world you think you understand, and ‘find’ the evidence for yourselves?

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