Silk Road: Ross Ulbricht and Computer Revolution


In the cat and mouse game – the mice will win in the end – but the cats will be well fed…


Under President Barak Obama – Ross Ulbricht was tried and convicted of fraud and computer hacking in 2015 (in the USA) – and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Prior to this, however, the US law enforcement, intelligence and anti-terrorist agencies created a false paradigm that he was a drug-dealer and a hirer of killers. These stories were disseminated throughout the US media until ordinary people believed them, and Ross Ulbricht’s reputation was character assassinated prior to his trial. So bizarre were these false allegations that NONE were eventually brought-up in court and Ross Ulbricht was never charged with any such crimes. That being the case, why was Ross Ulbricht given such a ridiculous prison sentence? My view is that Ross Ulbricht was a leftwing computer analyst and activist. His association with the Silk Road computer software and website created a computer presence that was ‘free’ of government control, law and enforcement control, and banking control. This ‘independence’ from the capitalist system could not be tolerated by the Bourgeois State, because it symbolised a ‘new’ form of citizen freedom whilst still existing within the capitalist system – effectively bringing it down from within. The capitalist government had to move quickly, and single-out a person to make an example of, whilst persecuting anyone who believed that the Silk Road was good and productive for ordinary society as a whole. The point of this establishmentarian oppression, is to keep the class-related status quo, and prevent the working class from creating a computer technology that better represents its own class interests. The corrupt judge in his trial prevented a cross-examination of government witnesses that ‘questioned’ the government’s narrative. In other words, this was a ‘show trial’ for the government to have its duplicitous way.

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