Withdrawing Socialised Medicine as a Form of Population Control


The EU is dismantling Socialist Systems of ‘free’ medical help across Europe, and wants to extend this policy into Russia. When ‘free’ medical care is removed from the general populace – then ordinary people (who cannot afford proper treatment), start to die of easily curable diseases and injuries. The children and the elderly die first – followed by sections of the general population. The point of this, is to reduce the general population of the world, and preserve resources for the ruling class. Usually, the ruling class uses warfare to keep the working population ‘low’ – but it is generally believed that wars are not lowering the general population of Europe quickly enough, as modern European armies are small, highly professional, and staffed by volunteers – despite the breath-taking death and destruction such armies inflict on the non-European peoples of the world. Next time you sit in a British NHS surgery with a sick child and are told that there is no treatment available because the illness is ‘non-specific’, remember that we are involved in a class war – and that they are trying to kill us. We must fight – as the working class – for our own continued existence.

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