How Mao Preserved Chinese Tradition


‘Contemporary China has grown out of the China of the past; we are Marxist in our historical approach and must not lop-off our history. We should sum up our history from Confucius to Sun Yat-sen and take over this valuable legacy.’
Mao Zedong: ‘The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War’, Selected Works of Mao Zedong (Beijing. Foreign Languages Press), Vol. II (1967), p.209
Quoted from: Inheriting Tradition – Interpretations of the Classical Philosophies in Communist China – 1949-1966: By Kam Louie, OUP, (1986), Page vii (Preface).
This was Mao’s position from the earliest days of the Communist evolution n China, which was known and agreed to as dialectically correct in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. This was the position of the USSR until (the Trotskyite) Khrushchev took-over the leadership in 1956. When China, (that is Mao Zedong) took exception to Khrushchev’s anti-Stalinist revisionism, Khrushchev (assisted by Trotskyites in the West), initiated a vicious ‘anti-China’ campaign, (premised upon Eurocentric, anti-Chinese racism), that continues to this day. Mao never ‘invaded’ Tibet, and never ‘oppressed’ or ‘banned’ religion – but he did declare the Communist Government of China to be both ‘secular’ and ‘scientific’. This is why today, Communist China, with its non-inverted mind-set and humanitarian approach to learning, leads the world in scientific development and technological development. The racist Trotskyite counter-narrative would have us believe that China leads the world due to its ‘backwardness’, ‘duplicity’, and ‘totalitarian’ government. This false analysis proves the ‘inverted’, bourgeois mind-set that underlies the divisive Trotskyite ideology.

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