Nanjing Massacre Memorial (2016)



The imperial Japanese Army murdered around 300,000 Chinese men, women and children between December 13th, 1937 – January, 1938, in the city of Nanjing (Jiangsu province), in what is now the People’s Republic of China.  Prior to the Japanese invasion, it had been deemed the ‘Nanjing Safety Zone’ – a demilitarised area designed to give Chinese civilians protection from the fighting.  However, the Japanese Army invaded and immediately set-about killing the unarmed populace in an orgy of killing – a massacre the Japanese government has never acknowledged or apologised for.  The Japanese government must a) acknowledge the atrocities it’s forces committed in China during the 1930’s and 1940’s, b) take full governmental responsibility for those atrocities, and c) issue a full and unreserved apology to China for these atrocities. The reason Japan got away with it, is because the US re-armed Japan shortly after the end of WWII as a means to confront Communist China. This re-arming allowed for Japanese anti-Chinese racism to continue unabated. This is the situation today.  The pictures in this article feature the 89 year old survivor of the massacre – Yu Changxiang (余昌祥) – visiting the Nanjing Massacre Memorial in Nanjing City with members of his family, together with other survivors (such as Xia Shuqin, herself a survivor), their families and members of China’s younger generation:  The elderly Mr Yu stated that:

‘Dear Father – Although it has been 79 years since you were taken away from us, the passing of time does not diminish the pain of separation, and your absence has taught me the difference between life and death. ‘


Mr Yu went on to contemplate at the ‘Wall of Tears’ and to seek-out the names of his family lost in the massacre.





Chinese Language Sources:

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