Jesus had Many Brothers and Sisters

Robert Beckford

Early Christianity makes no mention of the virgin birth, the resurrection, or the idea that Jesus was god on earth. In fact, the early Christian texts talk of Jesus not as the son of god – but was a human-being who was a ‘servant’ of god (if you believe in that sought of thing). The above documentary in an interesting exploration of how the received Biblical (i.e. Church-constructed) history has been developed over centuries, and altered to present a very different version of events than those found in the earliest Judeo-Christian texts.  Mary Mother of Christ was not a virgin, but she was very prominent and over-shadowed Jesus in many ways, with Mary Magdalene was central to the mission of Jesus on earth, etc.  This is all held together by the fact that John the Baptist was more prominent than Jesus until John’s death.  Robert Beckford clearly explains how the received Church teachings are the product of centuries of deliberate editing, censoring, and misrepresentation, to create a very different version of Christ to that recorded in the earliest texts.  This ‘new’ version extracts Jesus the man out of his large family context, and devises a purely ‘divine’ mythology for his existence.  My criticism of this documentary is that it assumes a priori that Jesus the man existed – when in fact there is no objective evidence to back this assumption.  Regardless of the historicity of Jesus, the early texts state that James (the brother of Jesus) took-over the running of the Christian Church, but the later ‘Roman’ Church wrote James out of history and replaced him in importance with Peter (the first ‘pope’), dismissing the tolerant theology of James (which stated that anyone, holding any belief, could be called a ‘Christian’), and replacing it with the intolerant thinking of Paul (a man that never met Jesus – and who was anti-Jewish). Finally, Robert Beckford makes extensive use of modern Israeli academia in his documentary, but makes no mention of the Israeli oppression and systematic destruction of the Palestinian people, some of whom represent the descendants of the earliest Christians in the area.

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