Trump: The Nightmare of Multiculturalism is Over!


Give-up the myth of US liberalism – the US has always been a vicious, rightwing, racist capitalist state from its inception – the system of which has perpetuated White middle class privilege over that of any other group.  Even Barak Obama (a Black man) has behaved like a ‘White’ racist during his two-terms in office.  Obama and Hilary Clinton (his Secretary of State) were the architects of the re-Nazification of Eastern Europe, and a blatant anti-Russian racist policy.  Obama – the first Black President of the USA – has allowed US police to initiated one of the most vicious campaign of ‘murder’ by its officers, of Black and ethnic minority people.  None of this is new, and is indicative of typical cycles of repetition that are common within a bourgeois system.  Only ardent capitalists are allowed to run for, and win the Presidency of the US.  What we are seeing here, is nothing more than capitalism in action.  Lenin quite rightly described fascism as capitalism in decline, and it is this decline that Barak and Hilary have recently represented, and which now Donald Trump perpetuates.  Whereas generally speaking, the presidential candidates have hidden or carefully packaged their Eurocentric racist viewpoints, Donald Trump has been ‘honest’ and open about ‘ending’ what he describes as the ‘nightmare’ of multi-culturalism – indeed, I just heard a news report on LBC featuring a group of young White males from Atlanta Georgia, celebrating and chanting ‘the US is White again!’, and ‘multi-culturalism is over!’  There is now a call for the legitimisation of the Confederate Flag (recently vilified in the liberal US media and by Black Lives Matter movement), and for Black Lives Matter to now be declared a ‘terrorist’ organisation’ and ‘banned’, with its members put on trial for ‘terrorist’ activities.  The supporters of Donald Trump view his victory as a victory for ‘White’ people against what the rightwing views as the tyranny of an enforced ‘multi-culturalism’ that has seen White people having to deny their natural racist attitudes, and ‘pretend’ that they view all other groups as being of ‘equal’ value.  The US system is capitalist and it is this capitalism that generates the conditions for racism to be perpetuated from one generation to the next.  Hilary Clinton’s racism was not viewed as ‘pure’ enough, because she chose to ‘hide’ her true racist views.  Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election because he was honest about his racism.

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