Trump: Fascist Israel to Move Capital to Jerusalem!


International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Anyone who doubts that Zionism is not just another form of White racism (and White supremacy) only has to look at the cosy relationship between the elected fascist dictators Trump and Netanyahu. Trump’s anti-Arab and anti-Muslim attitudes mirror those of Zionism exactly – and that is the motivation behind Trump colluding with Netanyahu to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem (from the designated Tel Aviv). This move is designed to cause the maximum outrage to Palestinian (and Arab) sensitivities, and lead to an all-out war in the region, whereby US-assisted Israel will militarily take the rest of Palestine and expel what is left of the Palestinian population into the wilderness. This impending (aggressive) military attack by Israel upon the defenceless Palestinian population will be fully supported by the BBC and presented to the world as an ‘act of self-defence’ – even though it is obvious who the aggressors actually are.

The USSR broke-off diplomatic relations with Israel in 1952 due to the behaviour of various Israeli diplomats in Russia – who abused their diplomatic status and tried to encourage Soviet Citizens (of Jewish heritage) to rise-up and over-throw the Soviet Regime (killing an aging Stalin in the process). The Trotskyite Khrushchev re-established diplomatic links with Israel fr a time – but the USSR permanently severed all diplomatic links with Israel in 1967 following the Zionist land-grab known as the ‘Six Day War’. In 1975, at the urging of the USSR, the UN voted unanimously to condemn ‘Zionism’ and formally recognise it as a racist ideology. This has not prevented the US or Israeli fascist politicians from continuing to murder non-Whites in the region, and with Trump’s latest insane initiative, this trend looks like it will continue unabated. Never forget that Zionism is racism, and that Israel is a fascist State that utilises murder in the name of religion. Many Jewish people oppose racist Zionism from both within and outside of Israel, and it is with these people that non-Jews should join, in a united front against all forms of racism (including anti-Semitism).

Russia: Gay Pride March in Chelyabinsk (2016)


Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

Original Russian Language Text: By Natalia Speranskaya,

Translator’s Note: Chelyabinsk is the capital city of the Chelyabinsk Oblast, situated on the eastern side of the Southern Ural Mountains (in Western Russia). In the 1930’s, the Soviet government chose this area to be developed though industrialisation, and during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet armament production was also moved to this area, as it lay outside of the direct Nazi German invasion of the USSR. As a result, this area was greatly developed with heavy industry and workers, and it provided an important foundation to the Soviet resistance to the devastating Nazi German assault. Chelyabinsk produced one-third of all Soviet steel, and most of all Soviet tanks. During the Great Patriotic War, the industry (and workers) of Chelyabinsk produced 18,000 tanks, and 48,500 tank diesel engines, as well as over 17 million units of ammunition. In 2016, the LGBT movement in Russia announced that its activists would march through Chelyabinsk – in support of tougher legislation designed to punish, deter and stop any and all homophobic crime, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Of course, under the capitalist system (initiated in 1991), and despite Russian capitalists copying Western-style laws purportedly supporting gay rights – gay rights have actually regressed since the time of the USSR. Russian language documents such as this are important as they serve to ‘breakup’ the lies being perpetuated about Russia by the USA and her European allies. The rightwing Trump administration are currently engaged in a childish (but murderous) anti-Russian propaganda campaign that seeks to turn gay people around the world (and liberal LGBT rights sympathisers) against Russia. This is designed to turn gay opinion in favour of the very bourgeois Western (capitalist) system that oppresses them today, has oppressed them in the past, and will continue to oppress them in the future. Trump’s flawed sense of humour has included in this mix the requirement for gay people to embrace Islamophobia, and to ‘hate’ the Muslims of Chetnya. His administration has done this through the absurd (and ‘Nazi-esque’) false propaganda that this peaceful country has initiated ‘Concentration Camps’ for gay people. Free-thinking individuals, and those opposed to the rightwing, should see through these lies and align themselves with the right-side of history. Gay people inparticular should stop being manipulated by the current homophobic ‘White racist President that occupies the White House, and start ascribing to other vulnerable groups the rights they demand for themselves. Finally, LGBT people should also develop a ‘class consciousness’ and understand that it is only through a compassionate Socialism that ALL people will be free. ACW 16.4.2017

LGBT activists plan to hold a rally in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights in Theatre Square, Chelbyabinsk – the gayrussia,eu website has posted. The website states:

‘This rally is in support of the legislative toughening of punishment for crimes of hatred against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia, and is scheduled for November 10th, from 10am to 11am at the Theatre Square in the city of Chelyabinsk – with the number of participants to be around 300 people.’

In support of their intentions, activists have designed an official ‘Seal’ stamp as part of their appeal to the administration of Chelyabinsk to listen to their demands:


Furthermore, activists intend to march along Lenin Avenue from Lesoparkovaya Street to 3 International Street between 3pm and 5pm. The website continues:

‘The march will culminate in a rally calling for a universal decriminalization of voluntary homosexual relations throughout the countries of the world.’

At the same time, activists are also planning to hold gay parades in Ufa and Kurgan.

For reference: LGBT is an acronym that originated in the English-speaking world, and is used to denote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The term is intended to emphasize the diversity of ‘sexuality and gender identity based on culture’ and is used to refer to the rights and practises ascribed to homosexual, bisexual and transgender people.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Russian Language Reference:

Активисты заявили о проведении в Челябинске гей-парада

Они планируют выйти на митинг в поддержку геев, лесбиянок, бисексуалов и трансгендеров на Театральную площадь

Активисты ЛГБТ-движения заявили о проведении гей-парада в Челябинске. Они намерены выйти на Театральную площадь и провести митинг в поддержку геев, лесбиянок, бисексуалов и трансгендеров, сообщает сайт

«Митинг в поддержку законодательного ужесточения наказания за преступления ненависти в отношении геев, лесбиянок, бисексуалов и трансгенлеров в России запланирован на 10 ноября с 10 до 11 часов на Театральной площади города Челябинска с количеством участников до 300 человек», – говорится на сайте.

В подтверждение своих намерений активисты опубликовали печать с обращения в администрацию г.Челябинска


Далее с 13 до 15 часов активисты пройдут по проспекту Ленина от улицы Лесопарковая до улицы 3 Интернационала.

«Митинг с призывом к всеобщей декриминализации добровольных гомосексуальных отношений в странах мира должен состояться 10 ноября с 17 до 18 часов на площади Ярославского города Челябинска с количеством участников до 300 человек», – сообщается на сайте.

Вместе с тем активисты также планируют провести гей-парады в Уфе и Кургане.

Для справки: ЛГБТ — акроним, возникший в английском языке для обозначения лесбиянок, геев, бисексуалов и трансгендеров. Термин призван подчеркнуть разнообразие «сексуальности и гендерной идентичности на основе культуры» и используется для обозначения гомосексуальных, бисексуальных и трансгендерных людей.


Наталья Сперанская,

Trump: The Nightmare of Multiculturalism is Over!


Give-up the myth of US liberalism – the US has always been a vicious, rightwing, racist capitalist state from its inception – the system of which has perpetuated White middle class privilege over that of any other group.  Even Barak Obama (a Black man) has behaved like a ‘White’ racist during his two-terms in office.  Obama and Hilary Clinton (his Secretary of State) were the architects of the re-Nazification of Eastern Europe, and a blatant anti-Russian racist policy.  Obama – the first Black President of the USA – has allowed US police to initiated one of the most vicious campaign of ‘murder’ by its officers, of Black and ethnic minority people.  None of this is new, and is indicative of typical cycles of repetition that are common within a bourgeois system.  Only ardent capitalists are allowed to run for, and win the Presidency of the US.  What we are seeing here, is nothing more than capitalism in action.  Lenin quite rightly described fascism as capitalism in decline, and it is this decline that Barak and Hilary have recently represented, and which now Donald Trump perpetuates.  Whereas generally speaking, the presidential candidates have hidden or carefully packaged their Eurocentric racist viewpoints, Donald Trump has been ‘honest’ and open about ‘ending’ what he describes as the ‘nightmare’ of multi-culturalism – indeed, I just heard a news report on LBC featuring a group of young White males from Atlanta Georgia, celebrating and chanting ‘the US is White again!’, and ‘multi-culturalism is over!’  There is now a call for the legitimisation of the Confederate Flag (recently vilified in the liberal US media and by Black Lives Matter movement), and for Black Lives Matter to now be declared a ‘terrorist’ organisation’ and ‘banned’, with its members put on trial for ‘terrorist’ activities.  The supporters of Donald Trump view his victory as a victory for ‘White’ people against what the rightwing views as the tyranny of an enforced ‘multi-culturalism’ that has seen White people having to deny their natural racist attitudes, and ‘pretend’ that they view all other groups as being of ‘equal’ value.  The US system is capitalist and it is this capitalism that generates the conditions for racism to be perpetuated from one generation to the next.  Hilary Clinton’s racism was not viewed as ‘pure’ enough, because she chose to ‘hide’ her true racist views.  Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election because he was honest about his racism.

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