Rightwing Bothering – Chinese in WWI!


Chinese Shot At Dawn (British Army WWI)

I occasionally receive emails from disgruntled White supporters of the old colonial order (and the modern neo-Conservative bourgeois State), usually applying a sentimentalist (and wholly ‘false’) rightwing eulogising of imperialist warfare, atrocity and murder.  Although the White population retains all the social, cultural and political power, nevertheless, such is the general lack of education and class consciousness, that these kind of people assume a sickening and demeaning mimicry of ‘victimhood’ – the very false consciousness this blog exists to expose and eradicate as a political force.  Of course, this type of rightwing ignorance, being as inverted a mind-set as it is possible to possess, mistakenly glorifies the mass-slaughter of the working class and ethnic minorities, whilst rather stupidly believing that the destruction of the working class by the controlling middle class, is in the best interests of the working class being destroyed!  I usually delete these emails and permanently ‘ban’ the sender, but every so often I post one of these efforts as an exercise in political awareness. Remember the simple rule that the rightwing ‘lies’ and ‘deceives’ to cause panic and derision within the ranks of their political opponents.  This is because the rightwing supports capitalism and the ‘individualism’ it generates. The rightwing also attempts (in typical bourgeois style) to dominate at the point of contact.  Retain a calm mind and intellectually assess the false argument being presented, and steadily dismantle its deluded premise.  The following emails are gems in this regard, purportedly supporting the murder of Chinese men during WWI by the British military authorities, whilst simultaneously claiming a familial link to a ‘fallen comrade’.   Sender MB – Tuesday, November 08, 2016 16:59:

‘I have read your piece on ‘Chinese Shot at Dawn’ and would like to say that Coolie C M Hei, and Coolie C H K’hung of the Chinese Labour Corp were executed for murder ‘after the war’ because they committed their crime ‘after the war’. they committed their crime in October 1919 and were executed in February 1920.  It was not racial backlash (in the case of these two men) as you suggest in your piece but in fact for the murder of my wife’s Great Grandfather who was a Sergeant in the British Army and had bravely served his country in many battles at the Somme. He was working with the Chinese Labour Corp during clear up operations after the war and was murdered by the two named persons above.  One rule of going to print I believe is to check ones facts first.’

The obvious deluded nature of this piece, coupled with its obvious ‘White’ racist sentimentality, reads like a post from the rightwing Britain First website – but I digress.  The point this rightwing fool is making is that ‘White’ people are ‘superior’ to ‘Chinese’ people, whilst using an internet assembled and non-referenced quote, and assuming a sugary sweet association with a fictitious upholder of White valour.  I asked in an email dated Wednesday 9.11.2016, for the following corroborating information which was not forth-coming:

‘I have read your email.

Please provide the following information for historical verification:
1) The name, rank and number of the sergeant in question.
2) The Court Martial transcripts you have referenced.’
This is the reply that proves my assessment of this fool (Wednesday, November 09, 2016 20:27):
‘I have no wish to appear curt but this information is as you appreciate a little personal to my family however is in the public domain and is available for you to check if you do your research rather than make assumptions.’

This deluded supporter of the rightwing refers to this information as ‘personal’, after sharing with me – a complete stranger – whilst further contradicting himself by stating all the information is in the public domain!  He could not give me any proof of what he says, simply because no proof exists.  Besides, the point of my original post is to highlight and reveal the extent of ‘anti-Chinese’ racism in the UK at the time, when China was officially on the side of the British during WWI! WWI was nothing less than the mass-slaughter of the international working class – nothing more. In this war the Chinese were shot by their enemy – the Germans – and their allies – the British. What this exchange does, is confirm that the rightwing has a weird tendency of ‘reading’ Marxist-Leninist blogs (probably because Hitler wears thin after awhile), and of trying to use the bullying tactics of racism and dominance at the point of contact, to deliberately misrepresent the ongoing leftwing ‘anti-racism’ project.  As far as I am concerned, I will continue to expose these enemies of the working class and defilers of internationalism wherever and whenever they appear.

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