The Private Train Companies are Killing Us for Profit!


Judicial Review of the Department for Transport re: Southern Rail

The Tories, LibDems and New Labour have destroyed our previously ‘nationalised’ railway (run by the people for the people), to a hodge potch of ‘private’, money-grabbing firms that put profit above the welfare and comfort of the ‘fee’ paying public they serve. Travelling on a train in Southern England (and beyond) is not only expensive, but an absolute nightmare today! As these private companies sell as many tickets as possible, and then run trains with the least number of carriages possible (to reduce their ‘costs’ and maximise ‘profits’), people are already standing in the corridors of over-packed trains, even before they leave their starting point. This means that men, women and children of all ages, including young babies, the vulnerable and the disabled, are forced to inhabit a travel space similar to those experienced in Nazi Germany when the innocent were being transported by rail to extermination camps! This situation makes people trapped in these demonic ‘trains’ to resort to aggression and violence against their fellow passengers, as a means to secure the ‘space’ to breath and survive! In Devon last year, around the Xmas and New Year period, a packed trained that had left London pulled into Plymouth Station and a fight ensued between standing passengers trying to defend the doors of the carriages they occupied, from over a thousand people trying to ‘board’! So bad and vicious was the fighting that the British Transport Police were called-out to perform the unusual task of ‘riot control’, but from what I heard at the time, many officers were traumatised by the order to ‘beat back’ the fighting passengers, whilst trying to avoid hitting babies, children the elderly and pregnant women! It is an absolute disgrace how ‘we’ the ‘people’, who pay our money to these vicious capitalists, are being forced to ‘suffer’ in this manner! As our current ‘unelected’ Tory government doesn’t care about us, the people are organising their own fight-back in legal terms. Please contribute if you can, or share if you cannot not. Enough is enough.

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